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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Country


Sometimes, our inner travel bug encourages us to make big decisions. Whether this means heading off a solo trip,  or moving country altogether, you have to ensure that you are prepared for whatever lies ahead. With that in mind, here are some questions you should ask yourself before a big move!

handiwork nyc x6pnKtPZ 8s unsplash1: What am I leaving behind? 

Sometimes, we make a big decision such as moving because we are feeling upset or frustrated about our current situation. Therefore, you mustn’t take the decision lightly. Make sure you are moving for the right decisions and not the wrong ones.

maksym kaharlytskyi Q9y3LRuuxmg unsplash2: Do I have everything I need? 

Moving permanently to a new country is much more difficult than heading on a holiday. For example, you’ll probably need to take more than one suitcase along with you. However, you will also need to ensure you have the right to live and work in that country, by obtaining a visa. There are numerous different kinds of visas, from an artist’s visa to a partner visa. Do you research online, or request the help of an immigration lawyer, to find out which visa is best suited to your needs. You should do this in advance of moving, ensuring that you have everything you need on hand. 

christina wocintechchat com LQ1t 8Ms5PY unsplash3: What opportunities will I have in my new home?

You’ve heard the saying, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’, millions of times before. However, it does ring true. For example, if you’re bored with where you are currently living, the idea of moving somewhere new may seem overly exciting. However, you need to ensure that you make the right decision on where you move. For example, moving somewhere that promises warm weather because you enjoy sunbathing may seem like a good idea, but upon arrival, you may realize that it isn’t the right place for you, and opportunities are limited. 

As a result, you should thoroughly research your new home before making a decision. Consider the following: 

  • Job opportunities 
  • Living costs
  • Nearby entertainment facilities 
  • Local culture
  • Lifestyle 

josh appel NeTPASr bmQ unsplash4: Can I afford it? 

Moving home is always going to be expensive, especially if you are moving to a new country, where you also have to consider additional costs for your visa and healthcare. As a result, you need to ensure you have plenty of money on hand to support you, especially as it may take you a short while to find a new job. Save up when you can, and decide upon a budget. Then, do whatever you need to do to stick to this budget. When creating a budget, consider the following factors: 

  • Visa/healthcare costs. The exact price of these will vary depending upon where you are moving, but the money can pile up quickly, so make sure they are the first thing you factor into your budget. 
  • Moving costs. Not only does this mean how much will it cost you to travel to your new destination, but also the price of transporting your furniture and belongings.
  • Rental costs/mortgage payments
  • Renovation costs, whether you are remodeling your home or simply redecorating your kitchen, you need to plan for exactly how much you can spend. 


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