Helpful Tips And Tricks To Try When Redecorating Your Home This Summer

Armchair in cozy living room

When the weather gets warmer, it’s hard not to feel more joyful and happier than before. Due to this shift in mood, you might have thought about how you can redecorate your home in a fun way to help improve your mood and welcome summer into your home. It can be difficult to come up […]

9 Tips for Displaying Your Diamond Paintings

Diamond painting is a popular and engaging hobby that involves placing tiny “diamonds” onto a pre-printed canvas, resulting in a sparkling and colorful work of art. Made from resin, the individual pieces used to create each painting also turn it into a three-dimensional piece of art that glimmers in the light. These diamond paintings are […]

4 Important Tips for Road Trip Safety

Road trip

Road trips are more than just another drive. They get people to out-of-town family, friends and business colleagues and take them to vacation destinations along scenic routes. Regardless of why you’re hitting the road, staying safe is important to get where you’re going in one piece. There are ways to implement road trip safety to […]

Tips For Taking A Road Trip As A Senior

front view of active senior woman embracing senior woman on the beach at dusk

You can enjoy a road trip at any age. The joys of this type of adventure are universal. If you live in the US, you can be very fortunate regarding these pursuits. After all, the US is often considered one of the best countries to take a road trip, with many exciting routes available. Moreover, […]

A Taste of Birmingham: Festive Food and Drink in the City

Birmingham, the second-largest city in the United Kingdom, is a vibrant and diverse city that is renowned for its food and drink scene. With its mix of cultures, Birmingham boasts a range of cuisines that cater to different tastes and preferences. In this article, we will explore some of the festive food and drink options […]

Traveling to Orlando: Eight Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando is well-known for its tourist appeal all over the world. With a vast selection of places to eat, entertainment hotspots, accommodation, and everything in between, first-time visitors to Orlando might just be taken by surprise by the sheer scale of the appeal this place has to offer. Whether you are a veteran or a […]

How to Create Family Videos that Look Professional

People say that a family that laughs together, stays together. What does that mean to you? Perhaps it’s as simple as being able to look back on all the laughs you had as a family, decade after decade. Perhaps it’s something more. Creating family videos is a great way to capture bonding moments like going […]

Inspire Your Own Relaxing With Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom interior design on white wall.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking ideas to make your bathroom more relaxing and to modify the decor to inspire. Everyone imagines that after a hard day at work, they may relax in the tub and forget about their problems. You may achieve this by using your imagination, and here are some […]

Making the Most of Warm Weather for Your Home Renovations

selective focus of young couple hammering and drilling wall during renovation

Spring and summer is the ideal time of year to complete home renovations. Contractors have more daylight hours to work with and are less likely to be derailed by rain or high winds. However, everyone else is also trying to renovate their homes during the summer months. This means you need a clear strategy if […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Do you remember the excitement of just getting married? It’s hard to forget such a joyous time in your and your partner’s life. Marriage marks the day you and your spouse became a team. While the love is what brought you together, it’s work that keeps you and your spouse going strong. If everyday life […]

Exploring Egypt During Ramadan

The Giza Pyramids typically come to mind as the top tourist attraction in Cairo, Egypt, symbolic of the country’s ancient roots. Did you know that Cairo also is known as the city of one thousand mosque towers, known as minarets? Exploring Egypt during Ramadan offers unique encounters with Egyptian culture, customs, celebrations, and culinary creations. […]

Tips on enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Interior Design Projects

Interior design of stylish living room

If you’re undertaking an interior design project, giving your aesthetics a boost can help you create the perfect space. You can do this in a range of ways like adding designer radiators, choosing your favourite colour palette, or even experimenting with texture. We’ll take a closer look at how you can enhance your interior design […]

Planning the Perfect Luxury Vacation

Yacht sailing at sunset during a storm. Luxury vacation at sea

Planning the perfect luxury vacation begins with defining your ideal trip. It is important to consider what kind of experience you want to have, and which destinations you are interested in visiting. Consider the activities, attractions and experiences that appeal to you most and the type of accommodations that suit your needs. Think about how […]

Exploring Wartburg Castle, Germany

As someone who has grown up in the United States, where our history stops way short of medieval times, a visit to a German castle is like time traveling through a portal to experience the storied history of people who lived, ruled, loved, and fought within the walls of these ancient fortifications. One of Germany’s […]

4 Hidden Gems of the US To Visit for a Road Trip

4 Hidden Gems of the US To Visit for a Road Trip

One of the best parts of a road trip is the places you visit. When you visit a hidden gem on your road trip, the unique nature of the location will make the trip feel worth every mile driven. Keep reading to discover some of the best-hidden gems in the US to help you plan […]

House Hunting for Designers: Selecting a Home for Your Vision

African Spouses Using Tablet Searching Apartment For Rent Online Indoor

While there are many factors that should play into finding a home, interior design is a big one – especially if you have a specific vision. As a designer, you undoubtedly look at houses a bit differently than the average person. So, when it comes time to find a place of your own, it’s important to […]

Exploring Dessau, Germany and the Bauhaus Legacy

I traveled to Germany to experience the evolution of the Bauhaus School, the 20th century’s most influential art, architecture, and design school that inspired a mindset and style known as Modernism.  Dessau, an industrial city in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, holds the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus buildings. Much of the city’s Bauhaus architecture […]

Exploring Weimar, Birthplace of the Bauhaus

Idyllic Art and Architecture with an Imperfect Past  Weimar, Germany, is the birthplace of the Bauhaus, an influential school of art, architecture, and design that introduced the world to modernism. The city’s roots as a cultural hub and hometown for literary greats, musicians, and artists provided fertile ground for the Bauhaus movement.  For travelers interested […]

Exploring Egypt Along the Nile

I traveled to Egypt to explore the country’s iconic archeological sites along the Nile on a four-day cruise filled with fascinating stories of gods, glories, conquests, and civilizations that shaped modern-day Egypt and produced some of the world’s greatest works of art and architecture. The Greeks, Romans, and Arabs all left their mark, beliefs, and […]

All You Need To Know About Buying A Vacation Rental

Senior Couple Arriving At Summer Vacation Rental

The idea of investing in vacation rentals has gained a lot of traction in recent years, and for good reason. As the economy has grown and the private accommodation industry has emerged, it has become much easier for families to take their own vacations. There has been a notable increase in the number of people […]

How to Choose a Vacation That Fits Your Budget

Woman on the beach in the palm trees shadow wearing blue hat. Luxury paradise recreation vacation

Keeping vacation plans within your budget doesn’t mean you need to cut out anything on your itinerary. Getting away from work and putting a vacation on the calendar is always an exciting time. However, it’s easy to quickly become disgruntled with the idea when the various costs start adding up. With the average vacation cost […]

Sightseeing in Pigeon Forge: 8 Landmarks You Shouldn’t Miss

Pigeon Forge is nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, offering tourists a magnificent scenic backdrop and a range of fun activities. With a fractional population of nearly 6,500, this small town of Tennessee hosts over 10 million visitors each year. The town is amongst the top tourist destinations in the country due […]

The Complete Sevierville, TN Bucket List: Five Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Sevierville, Tennessee, is a small city located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. With a population of around 17,000 people, the town is a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the natural beauty of the area and those looking to experience the local culture and history. The city is known for its […]

Exploring Cairo, Egypt

My fascination with Egypt and its artistic achievements started at the age of 7 when my parents took me to the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art. It was 1977 and the visiting exhibit sparked a Bayou State obsession with all things Egyptian. Nile Style consumed the deep south like the […]

Reasons why you need a heated towel rack in your home

Modern heated towel rail on tiled bathroom wall

Choosing elegant options for interior design is a challenging process. Much time is required to select the best things for your home. A home is a place where you want everything to be perfect. The vibe of a home should be comforting so that you can relax after a tough day at work. Even when […]

Traveling While Pregnant: 5 Things You Need To Know

Pregnant woman traveling in Rome

Many new parents are very excited and fearful about the ways they are supposed to handle the pregnancy and what to do when the baby comes. They have to prepare for a whole new lifestyle to accommodate their newest member. Of course, this is a challenge but with good guidance, they can make it work. […]

A Short Guide to Traveling in the Off-Season

Summer gets the lion’s share of attention from tourists, which makes sense. The weather’s hot, work is slow, and advertisements for travel deals ramp up to a yearlong high. But don’t let the allure fool you into thinking that winter is the only time to travel. If you can stomach a bit of cold, you […]

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

If you have been having issues with your roof to the point where there is no other option but to have a full roof replacement, you have probably been under enough stress while trying to get the best estimate, find an experienced team of roofers in Indianapolis, and select the right material for the new […]

Top 5 Business Ideas for Travelers

Are you looking for good business ideas for travelers to earn while on vacation? Here are five options you should check out to start making money! Top 5 Business Ideas for Travelers What could be better than traveling and having a good time in places you have long dreamed of visiting? Usually, people experience vivid […]

4 Essential Tips to Consider before Tying the Knot

back view of wedding couple standing on beach with wedding bouquet and looking at sea

Are you getting married soon? Be sure to prepare yourself–you’ll want to surpass the seven-year itch, as data shows that first and second marriages end in divorce around 7 years. Are you wondering how you can do it? A well-planned wedding and married life by both partners gives you more chances for a happily ever […]

Calming and Cathartic Travel in Mendocino, California

My Restorative Wellness Retreat Brings Good Energy from the California Redwood Forests  I traveled to Mendocino, California, where “Welltality” is the buzzword for an immersive experience with the Northern California coastline, redwood forests, vineyards, and soul-stirring scenery.  I want to decompress, unplug and press the reset button on my life. I want to breathe deeply, […]

Exploring Frankfurt, Germany, Cosmopolitan Gateway to Europe

On the first day of my visit to Frankfurt, Germany, I set out for a walk around the city’s medieval core, known as the Old Town. Just a few steps from my hotel, I noticed a bronze block embedded in the cobblestone sidewalk and stopped to read the engraving. It listed the name, date of […]

How To Make Your Furnace Last Longer

Coal burning inside a furnace.

Living on a tight budget is something most homeowners are familiar with. If you want to avoid serious repair issues that will cost you a lot of money, consider the benefits of investing in maintenance for the important components in your home, such as your HVAC system.  All over the United States, homeowners use their […]

Explore Baton Rouge by Meeting Its Maker Community

My fascination, respect, and appreciation for all things handmade began in my hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  As the capital city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is the largest anchoring “Cajunland” and offers a fascinating melange of academic, cultural, and political influences. The Mississippi River borders the city as a muse throughout history for creative expression in […]

LSU Museum of Art, Connecting Visitors to Baton Rouge

In my world travels as The Design Tourist, I’ve visited many museums, some with marque names and international fame, others with local or regional collections.  Museums that leave a lasting impression are not defined by size nor the prestige of their collections but rather how intimately they connect with and convey the local culture. A […]

Asheville: Where Art, Craft and Literature Converge

Asheville, North Carolina, is a muse to many, attracting artists, makers, musicians, and writers who take up residence and tourists who come to connect with them.   The Asheville of yesteryear was a popular health resort destination drawing tourists in search of fresh mountain air and sanitariums to recuperate from lung ailments. At the turn of […]

The Unconventional Art of German Expressionist Herman Scherer

I travel to connect with humanity through its creativity, expressed in art, craft, design and architecture. Things of the imagination, crafted by hand speak to my soul and make me feel alive and inspired. In December 2019, I traveled to Freiburg, Germany, a stunning storybook city that shares a border with France and Switzerland.  The […]

Explore Regensburg, Germany with The Design Tourist

In this episode of The Design Tourist, host Karen LeBlanc travels to Regensburg, Germany, a UNESCO World Heritage to explore the link between the city’s culture and creativity through its architecture, art and handicrafts. We’ll shop the city’s many artisan stores and regional handicrafts at its famous Christmas Markets and learn about Regensburg’s Bavarian history […]

What You Need to Know About Visiting London

What I Wish I Knew About London Before Traveling: Random Facts and Useful Travel Tips I Learned about London Traveling teaches me a lot about myself— the things that pique my curiosity and stir my soul and the way I handle discomfort. For many of us, being out of our comfort zone reveals much about […]

Healdsburg, California, The Hospitality Heart of Sonoma County Wine Country

I traveled to Healdsburg, California, to discover why it’s called the Hospitality Heart of Sonoma County Wine Country and an Epicurean Eden. Healdsburg has an enviable location, along the Russian River, just across the Golden Gate Bridge, surrounded by several wine regions. The town is a convenient base to explore vineyards and wineries in  Sonoma […]

The Dali Museum, An Architecture & Art Tourism Must-See

In downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, lies a futuristic glass and concrete structure that looms large over the waterfront dotted with docked sailboats. This architectural oddity is an attraction inspired by its the contents, the surrealist works of Salvador Dali.   The Dali museum is designed by architect Yann Weymouth of HOK, combining “the rational with […]

Atlanta: Destination Design

  In the chaos of a big city with its sensory overload and bustling daily life, I often find myself looking without really seeing what’s right in front of me. That pause that puts you squarely in the moment and lets you take in your surroundings gets lost in the machinations of maneuvering from point […]