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Travel beyond stereotypical tourist attractions with The Design Tourist. Travel journalist Karen LeBlanc connects you with local culture, cuisine, art, and craft from quirks and curiosities, lavish to laid-back places, and handmade to homecooked products.

Explore the world’s most creative cities as a Design Tourist.

Today’s traveler seeks authentic experiences that connect with local culture, cuisine, art, and craft. The Design Tourist is the first-of-its-kind travel series that explores the links between culture and creativity, connecting with local artisans, makers, and craftspeople.

Each episode goes off the beaten path of tourist guidebook recommendations to explore the creative soul of a destination through its heritage of art, architecture, and craft, unique design finds, and authentic accommodations.  From the quirky to the curious, lavish to the laid back, travel Journalist and host Karen LeBlanc, shares her stay-in-style experiences that immerse you in local culture through art, design, decor, and amenities. 




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