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Places to Explore in North Hampton

In the town of North Hampton, New Hampshire, there are around 4,460 people who call it their home. And not only that, but most of these people think of this town as one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. As it is not a very big place, you might be wondering about the places to explore in North Hampton. But before you cross this place off of your list of “Instagrammable” destinations, remember that this town has access to the Atlantic Ocean. So, let’s see what else you should visit if you happen to find yourself in this part of Rockingham County.

Places to explore in North Hampton

The town of North Hampton is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. And obviously, this makes it a huge part of the list of places to explore in North Hampton. While other places in New Hampshire are bigger, like Kingston, they don’t have access to the ocean. So, if Kingston, NH isn’t enough for you, know that, at least, Kingston can offer you some great movers. With the help of movers, you’ll be able to come to North Hampton and hit the beach anytime you want. But before that, let’s see what else is there worth exploring in this lovely small town.

The City Hall in Concord, New Hampshire.
The capital of New Hampshire, Concord, is much bigger than North Hampton, but there is more than meets the eye.

Fuller Gardens

Fuller Gardens once belonged to Alvan T. Fuller, as a part of his summer estate, hence the name. Once a summer home of this businessman from Boston, today, this oasis is full of rich vegetation. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this gem, bordered by sculpted hedges, is located just beside the ocean. If you love roses, you should definitely visit it in summer since you’ll be able to see more than 2000 kinds of roses in bloom. Also, there is a Japanese Garden here, a Koi pond, formal English perennial borders, and a tropical/desert conservatory. On top of that, there are quite breathtaking annual displays here at Fuller Gardens.

 Two orange roses.
Imagine more than 2000 varieties of roses in bloom.

Have a beer at Throwback Brewery

Located at an old farm, at Throwback Brewery you’ll find drinks and food that’s homemade. With a great selection of craft beers, you’ll be able to enjoy a beer of your choice, while watching the sunset from the backyard patio. And did I say that there’s live music too? Don’t forget to have a taste of some of the most popular food here –  Korean wings and mussels. But, it’s reasonable that a good place like this is often packed, so try to get a table in advance. You will not be disappointed.

Sea Hagg Distillery

Sea Hagg Distillery is a small distillery located on Lafayette Road. You can get a tour here that’s not very long. You’ll get the explanation about how the spirits are made and you’ll get a taste of their rum. The people working here are very friendly and helpful. Also, the rum is even cheaper than in the local liquor store. While the distillery is small, the rum is very good and the tour is quite informative.

It’s not the capital, but North Hampton has something that Concord doesn’t

If you want to consider settling in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, that’s all right. But, remember that there are some things that Concord doesn’t have, that North Hampton does:

  • the small-town feel is something you won’t be able to find in Concord – Concord has a population that is around ten times larger
  • an ocean with a beach
AltThe Atlantic Ocean in North Hampton
Don’t worry, in large part, the beach in North Hampton is wide and sandy.

North Hampton State Beach

There is North Beach here and north from it, there’s North State Hampton Beach. The latter is known for being clean, suitable for families and being more peaceful. Here you can enjoy swimming with a view on the Isles of Shoals in the distance. Other than a wide sandy beach, there’s a bathhouse with public bathrooms. While it is less crowded than North Beach, it can get quite busy here during the weekend. For this reason, it’s better to visit this spot on weekdays. Also, it’ll be much easier to find a free parking space. Swimming, fishing, camping, and whale-watching are only some of the activities you can do here. However, if you’re more of an active person, laying on the sand and enjoying the ocean breeze might not be enough for you. In this case, not too far away from here, you’ll find Little Boar’s Head Seaside Trail.

Little Boar’s Head Seaside Trail

If you go north from the parking lot of North Hampton Beach, you’ll find this lovely trail. It’s 3 miles long, and it’s a roundtrip walk. It is mostly paved, but there are larger rocks on the path as well, so be sure to have suitable shoes. Walking along the ocean, you’ll see:

  • the summer home of Ogden Nash, the poet
  • Fuller Gardens and the Isles of Shoals
  • a very charming St. Andrews-by-the-Sea Chapel with Tiffany glass windows
  • historic fish houses – used for storage by the early fisherman. Nowadays, they are available as summer rentals.

Along the trail, there are nine benches for contemplation and rest, each of them with a dedication plaque. While this might not be the most breathtaking outdoor adventure destination, this wonderful walk will still give you a feeling that it’s great to be alive, as nature usually does.

Who knows

You might consider coming here because of this list of places to explore in Nort Hampton. But, once you explore these places and experience the feeling of a small community, you might even want to stay here. So, if you decide to move, make sure to get familiar with all of the moving hacks. That way, you’ll make life easier for you and your new friendly neighbors, rushing to help you out with your boxes. Only then, you’ll see the perks of living in this small community, located by the ocean.

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