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Kitchen Trends You Should Consider for the Holidays

Stylish Christmas kitchen in blue tones

There will be a lot of indoor time spent with family and friends as the holidays draw closer. Everyone will likely be in the kitchen, either cooking, enjoying a freshly baked cookie, or simply chatting at the counter under the kitchen downlights

You should therefore consider decorating your kitchen for the holidays. To transform your dull kitchen layout into a scene that embodies a vibrant and lively Christmas season, you’ll need a lot of creativity. This guide can help you make your kitchen feel artistic, refined, and cozy for the best season of the year.  

Popular Holiday Color Schemes

Christmas decor in kitchen. Christmas tableware. Christmas cooking utensils.
Christmas decor in kitchen. Christmas tableware. Christmas cooking utensils.

Before heading out to the hardware store to buy some supplies for your project, first, you need to decide on a Christmas theme. Sticking to a theme can help you achieve a harmonious look for your kitchen instead of getting a messy hodgepodge of Christmas elements. These are some classic color combinations you can take inspiration from: 

Red and Green

Red and green are considered by many the official colors of Christmas. Consider hanging wreaths on the kitchen doorway for a touch of green and you can combine it with bright red table clothes or ribbons on your dining chairs.

White and Green 

This combination is perfect for a kitchen with all-white color. The ideal decoration is all-white and green, carefully positioned to convey the impression of a simple and elegant kitchen space. White and green colors also offer your space a fresh appeal. 


Gold is a symbol of excellence and sophistication. It will also go well with any colors, whether they are dark or have a hint of lovely light colors. Aside from these, gold also makes your kitchen space feel warmer and more inviting.

Top Three Holiday Kitchen Trends

Christmas kitchen interior. Christmas holidays Christmas presents
Christmas kitchen interior. Christmas holidays Christmas presents

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a top-down kitchen renovation just to make it Christmas-ready. Adding a few simple but meaningful elements can already do so much for your kitchen space. Below are some kitchen trends you can easily achieve whether you’re an experienced DIYer or still need some tips for first-time home renovators:   

Dress up your dining table. 

decorated christmas kitchen interior festive dinner winter wonderland holiday
decorated christmas kitchen interior festive dinner winter wonderland holiday

Even if you prefer to keep your dining table clean and simple daily, it’s nice to be a bit more extra and fancier for the holidays. Cover your table with a Christmas-themed tablecloth complete with placemats and table napkins. Also, take out some special glassware and you may add pine tree branches as a centerpiece for your table. 

Spice up your dining chairs.
Don’t let your kitchen stools look too bare beside your dining table. It’s time to beautify them to make them feel more festive. For the back of each of them, you can purchase some garlands or paste tiny parts of a wreath. Mix things up, use different color combinations, and give it a unique holiday vibe.

Bring out the special silverware and holiday lights. 

There will be plenty of room on your shelf for this Christmas season, so make the most of it. Do you have any valuable silverware stashed away? It could be time to display them on the shelf. Your kitchen shelves will also look really fun and festive if you add some colorful Christmas lights.

People spend time preparing decorations for the entire house for the holidays each year. Some people make the mistake of overlooking the kitchen but don’t make the same mistake. Since you’ll be in the kitchen a lot throughout the holidays, it should be one of the areas in the house that gets the most attention. Use the tips we shared above to make yours stand out.

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