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5 Tips for First-Time Home Renovators

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Home renovations are extremely popular as they give people a way to update their homes and make sure the spaces stay functional and stylish. From small weekend projects to large undertakings, home renovations are a huge category providing lots of choices. If you’re a homeowner who has never tackled a home renovation project but you’re ready to dive in, we’ve got some tips that can make the process go much smoother. Thanks to these tips, you’ll go about the project just like a pro.

You Need a Plan Before Starting

While you may think you’ve got everything organised in your head and you’re ready to get started, as a first-time home renovator, it’s a good idea to write out a plan. The plan will act as your blueprint, laying things out on a step-by-step basis so that you can stay on track. Typically, tasks need to be done in a specific order during home renovations.

If there are any steps in the plan that you feel confused or unsure about, now is the time to do some research and ask for help.

Expect Issues to Arise

And even though you’ve got a plan, it’s important to be flexible. Challenges will arise and you may need to shift course. This is okay and nothing to get stressed about, even pros run into issues when tackling renovations.

Asian builder worker people wear mask installs laminate board on floor to renovate home.
Asian builder worker people wear mask installs laminate board on floor to renovate home.

Keep the Dust Under Control

Depending on the project, you may be generating a lot of dust. This can make a huge mess throughout the entire house, not just the room you’re working in, and it’s also very unpleasant and not healthy to be breathing it all in. There are a few easy solutions to this problem.

First, you want to be wearing a mask that protects you from breathing in the dust. Make sure the mask has a good seal and very little breathing resistance, so you’ll be comfortable throughout the renovation project. These Moldex 3405 disposable masks can be a great option.

It’s also a good idea to cover up your furniture to protect it from a layer of dust. You can use dust sheets or even old bed sheets and blankets. And if you want to tackle the project like a real pro, keep the room you are working on sealed off from the rest of the house. You can seal off the doorway(s) using polythene sheeting and tape to create the seal.

Home Renovation
Home Renovation

Order Your Materials Well in Advance

One thing that can set your renovation way back is materials that are on backorder or slow to arrive. Unfortunately, this is quite common nowadays. The best plan is to order your materials well in advance. Make sure you’ve taken careful measurements, recorded all your numbers properly, and that you have enough material.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Flustered

The final tip is to keep your cool throughout the renovation. Yes, things can get a bit crazy and it can feel like you’re not making any progress but try not to stress, stick to the plan, and keep a positive outlook. You can always hire a contractor if the job becomes too much for you.

Tools ready for renovation
Tools ready for renovation

Results You’ll Be Thrilled With

By following each of these tips, you’ll be able to create the home of your dreams and feel confident in your renovation skills.

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