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Home Sweet Home: How to Make Temporary Housing a Pleasant Experience

Woman standing on the door mat with a welcome writing holding frangipani flower in her hand

There are several reasons to find yourself in temporary housing or short-term rentals at least once in your life. For example, you could be on a travel assignment for work, waiting to complete renovations and home construction, or just landed in a new city and still searching for an apartment suitable to your needs and taste.

Peace, phone or girl taking selfie on a bed for social media with luggage in airbnb, apartment or h
Peace, phone or girl taking selfie on a bed for social media with luggage in airbnb, apartment or h

Whether you planned the ultimate NYC trip or stayed in a place for 30 nights or more, it’s crucial to have a semblance of normalcy so you feel less stressed or homesick. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are some expert tips and tricks that you can try to turn temporary housing into a comfortable and calming space.

Woman is putting pillowcase on a pillow while changing bed sheets
Woman is putting pillowcase on a pillow while changing bed sheets

Bring cozy pillows and linens

Moving to a new place can dramatically affect your overall sleep health. For instance, you may find it difficult to fall asleep, develop erratic sleeping patterns, or sleeping disorders, like insomnia, if you let it go on for a long time without being addressed accordingly. Prevent this from happening by packing some of your favorite beddings, pillows, or fleece blankets from home. If you’re traveling while pregnant, invest in a comfy pregnancy pillow to relieve pressure while you sleep.

Deep clean every nook and cranny 

When you’ve found the ideal temporary home for you and your family, you first need to roll up your sleeves to clean or if possible, determine if a cleaning service is right for you to lessen the stress and hassle.

Although the apartment looks immaculate, giving it a good scrubbing before unpacking your stuff gives you the assurance and peace of mind that it’s properly disinfected and you’re starting on a fresh, clean slate. In addition, cleaning before moving in is essential if you or a loved one has allergies because it removes dust, debris, pet fur, dander, or residues of cigarette smoke.

Bohemian dressed Woman relaxing in the living room reading a book
Bohemian dressed Woman relaxing in the living room reading a book

Add some personal touches

Just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet and stylish. Incorporate your personality into the space without compromising your deposit with these tips.

  • Display a couple of framed photos of yourself or loved ones on shelves and console tables.
  • Put a vase of fresh floral arrangement on the dining or coffee table for a splash of color.
  • Set up potted plants to brighten up dark corners of the room. They also double as natural air purifiers, stripping indoor air of harmful VOCs.
  • Jazz up the fridge with your magnets.
  • If you’re a book lover, stack them up on coffee or bedside tables.
  • Use scented candles that remind you most about home.
  • Bring your favorite coffee mug for your caffeine fix in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Temporary housing doesn’t have to be a mere pit stop in your life’s journey. The benefits of going on regular vacations extend beyond knowing yourself aside from sightseeing places, taking pictures, meeting new people, and experiencing a different culture. With a touch of creativity and a dash of personalization, you can turn any space into a haven that nurtures your well-being. Embrace the adventure and make your temporary home a cherished chapter in your story.




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