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Expert Insight into Flooring Tips that Improve Your Home & Save Money

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By Rotem Eylor, Founder & CEO — Republic Floor

Floors are a part of our everyday life that we often take for granted. We work on them, play on them, and our pets — and sometimes, our kids — roll around on them. Yet, many of us likely do not give a second thought to how to best care for and maintain the flooring in our homes.

When the time comes to install new flooring in our homes, most of us do not think about value-added when choosing between the options available to us. However, by considering these factors and others, the final result can provide greater satisfaction by choosing flooring that holds its value for years to come.

Choosing the best floor for your space

When choosing to install flooring in a new home or update your flooring in your existing home, there are several factors to consider. For example, the size of the space can be visually influenced by different flooring. Lighter flooring will open up a space, while darker flooring may run the risk of making a space feel more closed in.

How you lay flooring can also make a difference. Tile flooring laid on the diagonal, for instance, can make a room look larger. Continuing the same flooring through multiple rooms can also make spaces appear larger and more comfortable.

Consider type based on your lifestyle

Not everyone is ready for the maintenance of hardwood, and there is no shame in that! While hardwood floors can be lovely, they also scratch easily, and darker hardwood stains tend to show more dirt and dust bunnies than lighter hardwood options. They also require more maintenance than laminate floors, SPC (stone plastic composite), or vinyl.

If you lead a busy lifestyle or have small children or pets, an alternative to hardwoods may be a better choice. For example, SPC flooring can be completely waterproof, and laminate flooring is sustainable for those who have a concern for our dwindling natural resources. As an added bonus, hardwood alternatives can be far cheaper than hardwood.

Value added

If you are planning to sell your home at any time, you may want to consider installing flooring that will add value to your home. Hardwood installation can boost the value of your home by 2.5%, according to some real estate experts.

However, you must consider the initial cost of installation and deduct that from how much value it could possibly add. Often, value added depends on several factors, such as current flooring trends, durability, how well the floors were maintained, and even the personal opinion of those looking at your home. While some people love carpets, for instance, others may hate it. Carpet would not be a value add to a home in the eyes of someone who sees it as a catch-all for dirt, hair, and allergens.

Instead, seek out flooring that offers maintenance benefits, such as waterproof SPC flooring. This flooring presents absorption and can stave off mold and mildew, leaving homes safer and cleaner.


When choosing flooring options, the total budget you have available is often a top priority to consider. Although we have discussed the higher price of hardwood flooring, there are also differences in cost between other flooring options, such as laminates, SPC, vinyl, and tile.

Laminate flooring can be a more expensive option than carpet, for example, but is much cheaper than hardwood flooring — not to mention more durable. Tile, depending on what material you choose, can be the most expensive option. Additionally, SPC flooring can fall somewhere in the middle, depending on style. This is why it is advisable to speak with an expert who can direct you to the best options based on your budget when considering new floors.

Choosing flooring for your home may seem like it is simply a matter of aesthetics, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing flooring. By keeping in mind cost, ease of maintenance, new options on the market, and what value the chosen flooring can add to your home, you can make an educated and, ultimately, the right decision.




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