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Eco-Conscious Home Renovations: Blogging Your Journey to a Greener Household

Since starting your sustainability journey, you’ve probably grown to be incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. With that in mind, have you considered blogging about the eco-friendly renovations you’re making to your home and sharing your overall experience with sustainability?

You can inspire others to embark on an eco-conscious journey of their own by sharing tips and advice you’ve implemented on your blog which, in turn, contributes to the larger movement of a healthier planet. Blogging is also a great opportunity to make extra income.

Let’s dive into how to approach blogging and best practices for sharing your tips for an eco-conscious home.

Start With Your Blog Setup

You need a solid blogging platform to ensure you can easily create content, organize your strategy, and keep track of your blog’s performance.

There are free blogging platforms if you want to start without something low-risk. However, you’ll get more out of a paid subscription for a blogging platform because you’ll have access to essential features, like analytics and marketing tools.

Define your budget for a blogging platform; move forward with an option that meets it and your blogging needs.

Learn Your Audience

Your blog’s success depends largely on how well you know the people reading it. If you don’t know them, you can’t create blog posts that will resonate with them. And if you don’t create posts that resonate with your audience, they won’t visit your blog.

Who are your ideal readers? Think about what kinds of people would be interested in reading a blog about eco-conscious home renovations. Also, consider who would be attracted to your personality and way of sharing information.

You can look at the audience other bloggers in your niche have to help you flesh out who your audience is. You can also study the conversations around sustainability happening in forums and groups on social media to help you define your audience.

Once you get your blog up and running, you’ll collect more data on who’s interacting with your posts. But until then, compile the notes you’ve made into an ideal reader persona. That way you can refer to this persona before finalizing any content, layout, or design decisions to ensure they’ll resonate.

Focus on Creating Valuable Content

It’ll be much easier to grow your blog’s following if it’s full of valuable content. People read, engage with, and share posts that are relevant, helpful, and entertaining. Anything less will result in low traffic to your blog and little interaction with it.

First, figure out what topics your audience would be interested in. The main focus of your blog will be how to make your home more eco-friendly. There are so many topics you can talk about under this umbrella that will intrigue your audience.

For example, energy security is a concern for many people. Uninterrupted access to energy sources at an affordable price isn’t as common as you might think.

You could blog about renovations people can make to ensure their homes are energy-secure, like re-siding your home to improve insulation or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances with the Energy Star label. You could make an overall list of the best energy-efficient renovations to make, and then make individual blog posts for each suggestion on the list.

Along with the topics above, the following subjects might be of interest to your target audience:

  • Small gestures someone can make to be greener at home
  • How to set up a sustainable garden
  • Sustainable building materials to use
  • Your favorite eco-friendly home additions you’ve made
  • Why a greener household is important
  • How to get your family involved in the process

Then, start writing. Use a reader-friendly format for every blog post to ensure it’s digestible. This means using white space, subheadings, and bulleted lists to break up long blocks of text. Small paragraphs are essential. Supporting visuals will also help make your posts easier to absorb.

Ultimately, you want to create blog posts people can actually take something from and implement in their own life. This increases the chances of them reading your posts and sharing them regularly.

Turn Your Blog Into a Money Maker

A high-quality blog can turn into another source of income for you. If you have a loyal following for your blog, you can make that constant influx of traffic work for you.

To make a living blogging you must first focus on marketing. Relentlessly and strategically promoting your blog on digital marketing channels like social media and email will help you grow awareness of your brand and blog.

Through your content and conversations on your marketing channels, you’ll develop meaningful connections with people. They’ll become genuine fans of you and your blog and may be more likely to purchase from you or engage in another activity that makes you money.

Here are a few ways to turn your blog into a profitable venture:

  • Sell ad space on your site
  • Sell your own physical or digital products related to sustainability
  • Promote third-party eco-friendly products with affiliate links and get paid every time someone clicks on the link or makes a purchase
  • Get brand partnerships with reputable companies who align with your mission to create an environmentally friendly home and life

The chance to teach others about sustainability through your blog is a great honor. Being able to monetize your passion and knowledge makes blogging even more worthwhile.


Our planet’s health is a massive topic of conversation these days, whether it’s climate change, overflowing waste, depleting natural resources, or another sustainability-related issue. We need a collective, global effort to see a real difference.

However, it starts with individuals. Your efforts to make your home more eco-friendly are admirable and should be shared with the world. Create a blog using the tips above to broadcast your knowledge and passion for a green home and inspire others to join you on the journey.


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