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4 Trip Ideas for a Weekend Getaway With the Girls

Need a vacation? Want to bring your best friends along? Take a look at some of these trip ideas for a weekend getaway with the girls—fun awaits!

We know; it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to spend time with your girls. We’ve all been staying inside, doing our best to keep ourselves distanced and practicing safe regulations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead on your planning for life post-COVID-19 (finger crossed that it comes around sooner rather than later). Gather your friends for a quick video chat, and talk through some of these trip ideas for a weekend getaway with the girls. Besides, it’s time you all had an adventure together!

Wine Weekends

Wine country.
Wine country.

If you and your girls love wine, then maybe it’s time for you all to plan a trip catered around vino. You don’t have to head to the most popular wine destinations. In fact, we’d suggest heading to some coastal towns for your wine trip so that you can get even more bang for your buck—great views, lower prices, and way more to explore.

Either way, no matter which place you choose, just make sure at least one event a day centers around wine. Otherwise, it’s just a regular, relaxing vacation—with just a bit more wine!

Adventure Trips

Are you and your friends the adventurous types? Home in on that, and cater your weekend getaway to adventure and excitement. Head to a place that’s warm for some hiking, or if you’re planning your trip for the winter seasons, gear up for some skiing and snowboarding. Whichever you decide, embrace the beauty of nature and its calming abilities.

Some of the best trips with friends, and some of the best memories, come from those we spend in nature. Make a pact to put your phones away while you’re out in the sun, and start making memories that will last forever.

Yoga Excursions


Need some relaxation? Rather than the typical beach day (though you can surely plan for a bit of that on the trip), find relaxation in ways that will help your mental health as much as your physical wellbeing. You could even plan to mesh wine with yoga by heading out on a wine yoga vacation—there are plenty of resorts and spas that incorporate the use of wine with your flow.

No matter what, make sure you leave time for actual relaxation and rejuvenation. Packed vacations are fun, but they can lead to more stress and exhaustion when you’re back at home, so plan accordingly.

Food Tour Weekends

People Drinking Wine Top View
Top view closeup of unrecognizable tourists clinking wine glasses during vineyard tour, copy space

Our last trip idea for a weekend getaway with the girls is for those who love to dig into a big plate of cuisine. Head to a city that you’re all dying to visit, and then base your daily travels around the places you’ll like to eat. Head to Seattle for seafood, New Orleans for Cajun food, or Texas for barbeque—whatever you’re feeling, there are plenty of resources to help you find some scrumptious meals.

Let yourself dig into some meals with your favorite friends, and enjoy the stories and memories that arise from sharing good food and good times. Really, no matter what you choose to do, when you have the right group of gals, you’re sure to have a good time.


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