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2021: Time to Make a Mental Wellness Resolution

New year 2021 concept

“If health is the new wealth, then mental wellness sits at the core of our personal health portfolio.” — The Global Wellness Institute 

Happy 2021! The new year brings hope for better days, a chance for a fresh start and some social distancing from the disaster that was 2020. For many of us, the stress, anxiety, loss, loneliness and economic uncertainty experienced in 2020 won’t vanish overnight.  2020, the year history will remember and we want to forget, has humbled us and revealed an uncomfortable truth about mental wellness— You don’t have to be mentally ill to be mentally unwell.  I learned this at the Global Wellness Summit, where I attended as a member of the press. The international gathering of thought leaders and visionaries explored the conundrum of mental health and an escalating mental health crisis. 

“Not having a diagnosis doesn’t mean you are mentally well,” notes Katherine Johnston, Senior Research Fellow, Global Wellness Institute, US. “People are desperate for strategies to improve their mental health.”

Johnston is the co-author of the Global Wellness Report, “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy.” The report notes that  “In 2020, COVID-19 has accelerated the deterioration of our collective mental health and well-being. The pandemic has exposed the wide gap between mental health needs and mental health resources, as well as our vulnerability to mental distress even when we do not have a diagnosed mental illness.”

Happy New Year 2021. Woman's hand writing 2021 Goals in notebook decorated christmas decorations
Happy New Year 2021. Woman’s hand writing 2021 Goals in notebook decorated christmas decorations

As we make our New Year’s resolutions, I pledge to prioritize my mental wellness and learn how to better care for my emotional wellbeing.  Like many of you, I too am struggling to recover from the fallout of 2020 personally and professionally.  I’ve been feeling stuck, hopeless, and restless. I’ve watched otherwise resilient friends and family members struggle with depression and anxiety. I’ve watched relationships crumble under the stress of too much togetherness because of self quarantines, working from home and economic stress. So, how do we push forward in 2021 with mental fortitude? 

Understand The Concept of Mental Wellness:

First, understand the concept of mental wellness to assess your own state of well-being. Ophelia Yeung, Senior Research Fellow, Global Wellness Institute, US explains mental wellness as an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, function, build resilience grow and flourish.   “Mental wellness emphasizes our capacity to build resilience to reduce suffering to find inner peace, and fulfillment to seek purpose, meaning and happiness to connect with others,” Yeung says.

According to the GWS report, mental wellness encompasses four dimensions of human life: mental (how we process, understand, and use information); emotional (how we manage and express our feelings); social (how we connect with others); and psychological (how we function or “put the pieces together” to make decisions or do things).

Pathways to Mental Wellness:

As part of my New Year’s resolution to nurture my mental wellness, I’m learning new practices to embrace in daily life. I’ve realized that mental wellness is not about chasing happiness. It’s an on-going process that seeks a more meaningful richer and deeper human experience.  I discovered the work of  Anna Bjurstam, a wellness consultant and guest speaker at the Global Wellness Summit. During the event, she shared seven daily actions that foster mental wellness. 

7  Mental Wellness Boosters:

  • Connect with nature
  • Move for 30 minutes
  • Mediate 
  • Eat foods that heal and nurture
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Hydrate more
  • Listen to your heart more than your brain

The path to mental wellness is personal and subjective because each of us has different needs and interests when it comes to supporting our mental wellness. To help us figure out what works best to foster our wellbeing, GWS outlines four broad pathways to mental wellness: activity and creativity; growth and nourishment; rest and rejuvenation; and connection and meaning.

It’s hard to say when life will return to normal or even what the definition of “normal” will be in the coming months. There is so much we cannot control at the moment, but we can feel empowered by taking control of our mental wellness. We can build resilience to everyday mental and emotional challenges including stress, burnout, loneliness, or sadness by developing healthy habits for the mind and body. 

New year, 2021 good things coming
New year, 2021 good things coming

Let’s start off the new year with a new mindset and practices to keep us positive and help us survive AND thrive in 2021.




Karen LeBlanc

Karen LeBlanc

Karen LeBlanc is a freelance writer living in Orlando, Florida with many published bylines in magazines, newspapers, and multimedia sites. As a professional lifestyle writer, Karen specializes in art, architecture, design, home interiors and personality profiles. Karen is the writer, producer and host of the streaming series, The Design Tourist ( that brings viewers a global dose of design inspiration with episodes featuring the latest looks and trends from the world’s premiere design events and shows. She also publishes a quarterly magazine on design travel that you can read by clicking the link: Her journalism background includes seven years on-air experience as a TV news reporter and anchor covering a range of issues from education to politics. Her educational credentials include a Master of Arts in Mass Communications from Northeast Louisiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Louisiana State University. Throughout her career, Karen has written and produced dozens of documentaries and videos for educational, commercial, corporate, and governmental clients and appeared in many TV and video productions as a professional host.

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