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What Makes a Good Snow Jacket?

Day in the snow

It is once again that time of the year, ladies and gentlemen. Spring and summer have come and gone, autumn has made its mark and is nearing its end; and the winter season is on the horizon. And with winter comes a broad array of events, including the holidays, festivities, good-natured cheer, and merriment, and, of course, snow.

No, dear readers, we cannot quite forget the snow. For with the winter come the white flakes and foggy haze, the gray mist, and the crisp mornings. Winter is a great season; don’t get me wrong; in fact, it is this writer’s second favorite season of the year. But like with all seasons of the year, there is a time for enjoyment and a time to prepare.

And what better way to do the latter than to invest in the proper attire? I’m speaking of jeans and sweatpants, of long-sleeved shirts, flannels, and sweaters. That and more will help to keep you warm in the colder seasons, to be sure. But for those especially cold mornings, afternoons, and evenings, you may want to take it a step further. You may want to invest in a winter jacket.

Winter jackets (see more here), or snow jackets, or any jacket really, are a great garment to outfit yourself with when contending with the colder elements. They come in many shapes and sizes, made of different materials and fabrics. With all of this in mind, you may be wondering what jacket you should have for yourself? Well, this article hopes to remedy that and then some.

What is a Winter Jacket?

Now you may initially think that a winter jacket is the same as any other regular jacket, and while that may be true in a broad sense of the word, the truth is actually a bit more distinct and intricate than such. You see, a winter jacket, while serving to bring warmth as a regular jacket, is made quite differently. A winter jacket is thicker, longer, and heavier. They are built to endure some of the colder, windier, and wetter weather that nature throws our way. But how exactly do they do all of this?

How Do Winter Jackets Function?

The way they are made enables them to do so, as their composition provides thick insulation, which helps to provide warmth whether you’re active or standing still. The materials they are made of play a part in this as well, with fabrics woven in that help to repel water and wind. All this in unison creates a garment that is weatherproof from the torso up to the neck.

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What are the Materials?

            A snow jacket, much like a regular jacket or really any form of clothing, is composed of a variety of fabrics. The difference, however, is that the fabrics in a snow jacket are thicker in both quantity and usage. Some common fabrics in snow jackets include nylon, which absorbs little to no moisture, polyester, which is known for its durability, or even Gore-Tex, a synthetic fiber that is both waterproof and resistant.

What are Different Types of Winter Jackets?

Snow jackets have as much variety as any other form of clothing. They come in different shapes and sizes, each one performing a function or providing a quality that will be in common with some jackets and different from others. Some types of snow jackets include:

  • Technical – designed to keep the wearer warm and dry with as little weight added as possible. They are designed to be thinner than most winter jackets, helping to provide more movement and flexibility for the more athletically inclined.
  • Casual – Though the name may imply otherwise, these jackets are more on the premium side. They are built to offer both comfort and durability, with the added function of keeping one warm, of course. These jackets, while comfortable, are a bit on the heavier side and are more suited for casual outings or treks, not so many sports or any other form of athletic exercise.

Where Can I Buy One?

            Snow jackets can be found at any store that sells clothing. These include retail shops, or you can also buy them online, as there is no shortage of online retailers that sell many a snow jacket or any form of clothing. Indeed, when it comes to finding a winter jacket, the barrier isn’t really where to find one, as it is what is more preferable for you to find one.


            Winter is coming, my friends and dear readers, and when it comes, it will be colder for some than for others. Whether you’re the former or the latter, make sure you have the garments to combat the cold. Enjoy the winter seasons, but do so comfortably.

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