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Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Design

A stale home is an unhappy home. Here are some simple changes you can make to add some “pop” to your sanctuary and make it a place you can be proud to show off.

Your home is your sanctuary, but if it doesn’t change with you, then it might get stale after a while. If you’re suffering from a need for change in your house’s atmosphere, worry not! There are some simple ways to refresh your home’s design and improve your mood while you relax at home.

Update Your Wall Colors

House renovation wall coloring
House renovation wall coloring

Is there a room in your house that’s in desperate need of a little visual oomph, but you’re not sure what to change about it? Maybe you need to repaint it! This is your opportunity to fix up any painting mistakes or cover up damage from the little occurrences that happen when you live in a house. If you’re a new homeowner, this is your chance to put your stamp on the property. Paint the room a color that matches how you want to feel while you’re in it. Carefully consider how a color will affect the room before committing to a color, and remember that you can always try different paint colors on the wall before you paint. If you don’t want to risk blemishes, try comparing different paint swatches on the wall before committing to a color.

Liven Up Some Furniture

Room with furniture and plants
Modern room with wooden furniture and plants

If you have furniture that’s seen better days, it’s probably time to update it. Fixing it up yourself can be a fun project! It could be as simple as refinishing it, or you could go all out to paint and reupholster it. Painting furniture can shake up any typical store-bought furniture or liven up hand-me-downs. Furniture painting is a much smaller project than painting a whole room, and it’s something that even a beginner can do. It’s a subtle project, but depending on your decisions, zesting up your household furniture can add the pop you need.

Change Out the Window Coverings

Whether you use curtains or blinds, changing out your window coverings every so often can change the mood in any room. Searching for new curtain patterns or colors can be fun if you need a bit of excitement from your windows. There are also many varieties of blinds, such as horizontal blinds or roller blinds, you can choose from whether it’s plastic or fabric. Try out new things! Maybe even try out bold new draperies to go over your curtains or blinds.

Swap Out Some Odds and Ends

Different seasons call for different decorations. Do you have a vase on your mantle? Put some autumn-colored artificial flowers in it during the fall season. If you have a centerpiece on your dining room table, try making a new DIY centerpiece project for a good talking point with any guests. Many collections are also worth showing off if you have a meaningful way to display them. These little decorations can have a big impact and give guests something to talk about. Plus, if they make you happy, then you should put them out regardless. Remember that finding ways to refresh your house’s design is about keeping your happiness in check, which will have different meanings for different people.


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