Ways To Add Warmth To a Minimalist Home

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Minimalist spaces are soothing to the common eye but can lack a truly homey feel. Here are a few simple ways to warmth and comfort while saving energy, to a clutter-free room

Minimalism is paramount to countless individuals’ lifestyles nowadays. Thanks to the effervescent appeal and aesthetics of a more stress-free and clutter-free interior, minimalist designs are constantly on the rise in popularity.

While minimalism can allude to a sense of splendor and well-being, the style can radiate a less-than-covetable cold atmosphere in comparison to the warmth that more colorful and vibrant spaces tend to offer. Nevertheless, there are countless approaches to take to supply a sense of life to the simplest spaces. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a couple of ways to add warmth to a minimalist home.

Keep It Quirky and Playful

Futuristic neon room with desk

Futuristic neon room with desk

Out of the myriad of means and methods to make a lifeless space into a vivid sanctuary, a top design approach is to add a pop of personality. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you cannot supplement with various colors and contrast. Paint one wall a striking color, hang up a neon-lighted sign or art piece, and scatter a few patterned accents around the room.

Minimalism does not equal a stark white scene of serenity. Beautifully balancing soft materials, various textiles and neutral-toned furniture, and small doses of contrast will display a warm spirit that ebbs and flows through a room on a daily basis.

Use Your Green Thumb

House plants by the window

House plants by the window

Another one of the best ways to add warmth to a minimalist home is through plant life. Yes, houseplants are key to a warm, comforting space, as they literally supply an increase of life into a room. They also provide a unique sense of fulfillment and an opportunity to nurture. Urban jungles and plant parents have emerged simply because plants make people happy. This earnest contentment radiates throughout minimalistic spaces. It’s best to keep it simple with only a few plants.

Truly, you don’t have to be a plant aficionado or expert to utilize this trend and capitalize on its idiosyncrasy. Artificial greenery can even add a burst of life that lightens up the mood of a clean, unembellished room. Either way, houseplants can provide many health benefits and a soothing visual that sustains inspiration and relaxation within an environment.

Get Lit With a Sizzling Glow



This fervent method of interior design can be either figurative or literal. All you need is to create a warm glow with focal features and décor. Metals such as brass, copper, silver, or gold in a kitchen, bathroom, or living room will cast off a welcoming glimmer. A couple of your favorite candles or ambient overhead lights can create an inviting ambiance within a sparse space.

Don’t underestimate a fireplace’s value, either. No matter if it’s traditional wood or a more modern gas-lit fireplace, the warmth and comfort this useful feature emits in a minimalist room can achieve the ideal synergy of clean and cozy. Remember how to best care for a fireplace to keep it functional year-round and make the space physically warmer. With the right care and design trends, your minimalistic home can transform into the perfect reflection of your ideals and lifestyle.


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