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Tosh Trek: Exploring the Serene Parvati Valley

Tosh Trek is a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh, that is popular amongst adventure lovers. This trek will take you to the most beautiful and picturesque valley from wherein you can have a stunning view of mountains topped with snow, massive landscapes, and cascading waterfalls. The Tosh village is placed at an altitude of 7,000 ft. Above sea level. This trek gives a possibility to explore the actual splendor of nature. Tosh village is likewise the house of the Tosh River. If you’re a nature lover and adventure enthusiast at the same time, then this location is best for you.

Highlights of the trek

  • Enjoy a day exploring the beauty of nature with a wonderful view of lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and massive mountains covered with snow.
  • Spend a perfect day to soak the calmness of nature. A visit to this place is perfect to escape from the hustle and bustle of your life.
  • If you are an adventure lover, you’ll love the trek to Tosh village with amazing views of the Indian Himalayas.
  • Enjoy camping with your friends and family, while enjoying a perfect bonfire session and jamming.

How to reach Tosh Valley

By air: this trek starts from Bharshini and no airport is available at the base camp. So, you’ll have to take a flight to the nearest airport which is in Kullu & Manali. This airport is just 30 km away from the base camp, you can hire a taxi to cover this distance.

By road: the basecamp is just 23 km away from Kasol, you can drive to the basecamp on your own or you can also hire a cab or bus to cover this distance from Kasol to Bharshani.

About the trek

  • the tosh trek allows you to escape from your busy lives and reconnect with nature.
  • You can explore the beauty of Himachal Pradesh while you are on the thrilling Toh Valley trek.
  • Enjoy a thrilling journey while trekking through the mountains covered with snow and lush green valleys
  • Explore the village located in Parvati Valley which is also a hidden gem of tosh. This village offers a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas.
  •  While trekking you’ll also be allowed to interact with local people of the small village you will pass through.
  • You can learn about the local Himalayan culture while exploring the villages of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Here you can also have an amazing experience of camping with your companions. Sitting under the blanket of stars, enjoying a jamming session while preparing a BBQ dinner is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.
  • This trek will test your mental and physical endurance by throwing challenges on your way.
  • This trek may be challenging but the beautiful view of the Indian Himalayas is worth all the challenges.
  • You will also find a variety of flora and fauna there and you’ll also find plants with medical properties.
  • At the Parvati valley, you can enjoy a bath in hot water springs, this will help you relax your mind and body.
  • You can also get some amazing pictures clicked with an amazing view in the background.
  • The Toh Valley trek offers an adventurous opportunity like no other. Book your trek now to explore the beauty of nature along with a thrilling adventure.

Itinerary for tosh trek

Day 1: trek from Barshaini to tosh

  • Reach the base camp at 10 AM and from there your trek to Tosh will begin.
  • On this trek, you’ll come across beautiful tosh waterfalls where you’ll be able to experience the true beauty of nature.
  • After trekking for some time reach the campsite
  • At the campsite, you can enjoy a scrumptious meal and experience a bonfire activity together with your fellow trekkers.
  • Stay overnight at the campsite

Day 2: trek back to Barshaini

  • Wake up early in the morning to witness the amazing dawn from the campsites
  • Treat your taste buds to a delicious breakfast on the campsite
  • And here comes the give up of this lovable adventure
  • Start your trek back to the basecamp from the tosh campsite


This Tosh Valley trek isn’t just a normal trek, however, it’s far an exciting opportunity to reconnect with nature while experiencing the thrill of hiking with fellow trekkers.

This region has plenty to offer, you can discover the rich Himalayan subculture and create some lovely unforgettable memories of a beautiful trek. So, what are you looking forward to? Pull up your trekking shoes and get prepared to go on this top-notch journey.

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