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Top Ways to Increase Privacy at Home

House and Landscaped Yard

When you live in a block of apartments or a home that is quite easily overlooked or seen into by neighbors and passers-by, there is normally a strong desire to boost any privacy that you have. There are several different ways that you can do this effectively without having to remodel your home totally. We will be focusing on a few of them in a higher level of detail in the following blog post.

Install Shutters and Window Dressings

Armchair and laptop in front of domestic wooden window shutters.
Armchair and laptop in front of domestic wooden window shutters.

Your first option is probably to look at the windows that you have at home and think about which are the ones that people are most likely to see into. It can certainly help you to look at the different window dressing options that you have out there such as blinds and curtains, as well as shutters, which will give you the sense of complete privacy that you are looking for. You can hang sheer curtains, for instance, which should not reduce the light coming into the room too much but cannot be seen through. Another possibility is to close off a particular room or space that is quite overlooked. For example, it could be the back garden or the room next to it. Some barn doors from Sunburst Shutters could prove to be the ideal solution for you here.

Use Trees and Plants


There is no doubt that a great natural way of increasing your sense of privacy is with trees and plants. For example, you could plant a hedgerow that exists in the front of your property or a line or trees. You could also put some houseplants on the window ledges themselves as a way of stopping people from looking in at any point that they would like to. However, there is certainly a balancing act to be achieved here as you do not want to get into a situation in which you are totally blocking out the natural light that would have otherwise been streaming into your home. Also remember that some plants drop their leaves in winter and so any screening would be gone.

Tint the Windows

If you are really concerned about people looking into your windows, you could always go down the path of adding in some tinting to ensure that they provide the maximum level of privacy. Of course, the downside here is that the natural light that you are getting in will be reduced, which can be a problem for many people.

Use Fencing

Big fence in an urban park
Big fence in an urban park

Putting up some strategically placed fences can also make a big difference in ensuring that your property has the privacy that you are looking to create. Of course, before you go down this particular path, you should certainly make sure that you are not stepping on the toes of any neighbors and putting up fences that are on their property line.

These options give you a few of the main possibilities that you have at your disposal when it comes to increasing the sense of privacy that you have at home. So, now is the time to try and put them into action.

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