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Top Spring Renovation Projects for Your Home

There’s something quite exciting about planning out design projects for the upcoming season. Take a look at these top spring renovation projects for your home!

The best time to plan for your spring home updates is in the winter. The sooner you begin to plan, the easier and less stressful your actual renovations will be. If you want to upgrade your home, then you’ve got to start planning—and we’ve got what you need to do just that. Take a look at what we consider to be the top spring renovation projects for your home, from enhancing your roof to adding more windows. These projects will make your house look fresh and clean!

Upgrade to Wood Flooring

Solid oak wood flooring
Solid oak wood flooring

Make some eco-friendly choices for your home this year and start with your flooring. Spring is the perfect time to start a reno project like this, since it’s bound to kick up quite a bit of dust and debris. You’ll have better air quality with hardwood floors, as they won’t trap dust, dander, pollen, and other common allergies. They’re long-lasting and cost-effective, and you can refinish them if you want to change the color later on—seems like a win-win for your first spring upgrade.

Replace Your Roof

Finishing Ceramic Roof
Finishing Ceramic Roof

Another great renovation project you’ll really want to get started on soon is updating your roof. You can easily employ a roof replacement company to handle the task, which will not only improve the curb appeal of the house but will also increase the home’s value.

If you have an asphalt roof, then it’s time to switch to metal roofing—it’s an energy-efficient, high-quality option that will truly help your home become more environmentally friendly. If you can’t replace the whole roof, then at least update and refresh your gutters.

Add in More Windows

Woman at home looking out of window
Woman at home looking out of window

Bring new light to your home by installing additional windows, from skylights to floor-to-ceiling windows. Replacing or adding windows will help improve your indoor air quality and give your home an openness you might have struggled to find before. One of the biggest tips for replacing windows is to ensure you stick to a consistent style throughout the home. It’ll create effortless uniformity and make your house look more put-together.

Splash on Fresh Paint

happy woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house
happy woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house

A lot of people see spring as the perfect time to paint. The open windows will make that paint smell much easier to handle. Start planning the new colors for your walls now—stick to neutrals, or add some more personality with some color. You don’t even have to repaint all the walls. Find ways to add small splashes of color by painting the back of bookshelves or other pieces of furniture.

Enhance the Garden

Every great gardener will tell you that the best spring gardens are planned in the winter. Figure out what seeds and layout you want now so that when spring rolls around, you can really make the most out of the greenery. Remember, your lawn went through quite a bit in the winter, so make sure you take care of it before you start digging. Give your lawn what it needs, when it needs it.

There are tons of home projects for you to start planning this winter. Make your home your own personal haven with these updates—you won’t regret bringing your home design dreams to life.


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