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Tips and Tricks on Organizing Your Tools

Having quality tools means preparing your home for many different maintenance procedures. It also opens up the door for numerous DIY projects and makes you more self-sufficient in every way. The problem is that some of these tools won’t have frequent use. This means that finding a storage space for them might not seem like it’s worth it. On top of this, quality tools are expensive.

So, if you’re faced with a dilemma of whether to spend a fortune on something you’ll barely use and not have where to put it, what will you decide? However, what if, at least the matter of storage was resolved for good? Would this make the decision any easier? It probably would!

Here are some suggestions on how to handle this situation.

axe close up drill 9092561.    Wrench rack

There are three criteria that any tool organization method needs to fulfill in order to be considered efficient. It needs to:

  • Take as little space as possible
  • Make tools transparent and available
  • Keep the tools safe

The simplest way to achieve all three of these things with tools like wrenches is to either make or order a wrench rack. The problem with keeping these tools in a toolbox lies in the fact that it may take too long to produce them when you finally need them. This way, you can organize them by their size and pick the right one even without looking.

2.    Power tool and hand tool approach

The next thing you should bear in mind is that power tools and hand tools need to be approached in a different way. Sure, hand tools can do with just a rack, however, hand tools are a potentially higher risk. Their cords can get entangled, which would cause them to fall and break or cause an injury. Aside from this, a hand tool is usually lighter and probably won’t get damaged too much by falling. With a power tool, this is definitely not the case. In other words, when accessing a storage solution, you need to find a suitable rack.

tekton EcE9dFfXwwE unsplash3.    Portable options

Not all your work will take place in the workshop. This creates a peculiar problem where you need to pack and carry around your tools. For instance, circular saw luggage is the simplest and safest way to carry around your luggage. However, if you need to carry around something a bit bigger or you need an arsenal of tools on your side, it’s probably a better idea to invest in an aluminium toolbox. This way, you can transport some of your most valuable tools without the fear of misplacing them, damaging them or having them stolen. Even while you’re not on the run, they’ll be safely stored.

4.    Sliding racks

The problem with racks is that they also occupy space even when they’re just left dormant. This is why you might want to make a custom shelf with sliding panels. All you would need for this are some plywood panels, sliding door hardware and a couple of basic tools. Keep in mind that some of your tools are too thick to fit here but others can be handled this way quite safely. This entire project can be completed for less than $20. If you do your job right, this would solve your problems in the long run.

nina mercado 5Y8NrzPya w unsplash5.    Drawer organizers

A lot of the smallest items can be fit in the drawers and this is probably the optimal way to organize them. First of all, drawers can be additionally secured with a lock and a key, which is a huge improvement already. Second, you can add drawer dividers, which would allow you to optimize the use of drawer space. Seeing as how some of these tools may be pointy or sharp, it also allows you to avoid getting hurt while rummaging through your inventory. Overall, a lot of perks for a bit of extra effort.

6.    Hooks and hangouts

The simplest way to hang something is to just install a hook and hang it. This doesn’t even take that much room and the costs are minuscule. The problem lies in securing these items. Even when hanging cordless drills, you need to make sure that the hooks provide an option of securing that, once hanged, the tool will go nowhere. Also, having a way of ensuring that hanging is as simple as possible will help reduce damage caused to these tools while depositing them. It’s something that you might not think of right away but it is definitely a serious concern.

In conclusion

In the end, you need to understand that organizing your tools is a life skill that everyone needs to develop. The best thing is that this is applicable to more than just tools. Organizing objects that are heavy, have odd shapes and are potentially breakable is an art. It’s also something that the organization of your home can greatly benefit from.


Authored by Ron Wolf
Freelance writer, hobby designer and DIY enthusiast.

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