Tiny Home Tourism

by Karen LeBlanc

If you’re curious about living large in small spaces, why not take a vacation from your own home to stay in a tiny house?

A tiny house resort in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania offers custom-designed tiny homes as vacation rentals.

Tiny Estates rents its tiny homes in a variety of architectural and decor styles from modern or minimalist to rustic or traditional as a unique alternative to the typical hotel stay. All homes are fully equipped with a kitchen, living space, bathroom and sleeping area.

After test driving the tiny home lifestyle, if you want to learn more, I recommend a new book “The Joy of Tiny House Living” by home builder Chris Schapnick. It offers advice on the design, construction, legalities of living in a tiny home, and the challenges of downsizing.  A tiny house or micro-house is typically 500 to 550 square feet but dwellings under 1000 square feet qualify. The Tiny Home movement is sweeping the nation as people embrace living with fewer financial burdens and belongings.

Here are more vacation rentals 

For a tour of several designer tiny homes, I invite you to watch this episode of The Design Tourist featuring a trio of tiny homes decorated with the latest trends.


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