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6 Best Things To Do in Augsburg Germany

One of the things to do in Augsburg Germany is experiencing the Christmas Market.

Augsburg sits in Southeast Germany, within the Swabian territory of Bavaria, and functions as Swabia’s capital. It is nicknamed “the German Renaissance City” and one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan cities with a storied past and well-preserved architectural jewels.

Augsburg may not be at the top of every Germany visitor’s list, but this charming Bavarian city seriously deserves more attention. As an influential Renaissance hub with ties to the mighty Fugger family and even a young Mozart, Augsburg is simply brimming with historical riches waiting to be uncovered. From ingenious water towers and Rococo palaces to quaint old streets and vibrant market squares, get ready to delight in this underrated gem. Here are the six best things to do in Augsburg Germany.

1. Stay at the Art-Filled Hotel Drei Mohren

Looking for a hotel dripping with history and character? It doesn’t get more atmospheric than Hotel Drei Mohren, also known as Hotel Maximilian’s, which occupies an iconic 16th-century Renaissance building in the heart of the old town. The famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Augsburg and used to always stay at Hotel Drei Mohren.

Everywhere you look, baroque and rococo details abound, from colorful frescoes and antique furnishings to art-adorned guest rooms and event spaces in former palace halls. Amenities like a spa, restaurants, and central Maximilianstrasse location only enhance the ultra-lavish, art-filled ambiance.

For a truly luxurious experience, the Michelin-starred Satory Restaurant impresses with exquisite tasting menus of innovative German cuisine like mushroom dumplings in truffle cream and hay-smoked char.

The casual vibe and open kitchen at Maximillion°s make it another hot spot for digging into creative, regionally-sourced fare like wild mushroom velouté

Don’t leave Hotel Maximilian without sampling the signature local beverage – Augsburger Herrentrunk, a botanical honey gin liqueur enjoyed here for centuries. Bars around town offer creative cocktail and tasting flight variations on the sweet, herbal concoction.

Try it mixed into craft beers at Augusta Haus Brauhaus, spiked into coffee drinks at Barman, or straight up in a cozy tasting room like Vinamera. It makes for a tasty liquid souvenir too!

2. Admire the Schaezlerpalais

For an elegant glimpse into Augsburg’s wealthy Rococo era, the exquisite 18th-century Schaezlerpalais is a must-see.

Once home to a prosperous merchant family, you can tour the frescoed halls, gilded parlors, and richly furnished rooms that epitomized lavish noble life. But the ornate palace interiors are just part of the allure – the pristinely manicured Baroque gardens out back are an oasis with fountains, flower beds, and a cafe amid shaded pavilions.

3. Visit St. Michael’s Catholic Church and St. Anne’s Lutheran Church

While wandering Maximilianstrasse, you can’t miss the imposing St. Michael’s Catholic Church and St. Anne’s Lutheran Church sitting side-by-side.

These two religious buildings represent the signing of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555 – a pivotal treaty that allowed the practice of both Catholicism and Lutheranism.

Whether taking in their impressive Renaissance architecture or catching a service, it’s a powerful reminder of the city’s pioneering role in religious tolerance.

4. Explore the UNESCO Augsburger Wassermanagement-System

No visit to Augsburg is complete without touring its iconic Renaissance water towers. This brilliant 16th-century hydraulic engineering system earned UNESCO World Heritage status for its innovative design that pumped water from local rivers into the city’s homes and textile mills.

You can still visit two of the best-preserved towers – the towering 70-meter Rotes Tor and the Hochablass, surrounded by scenic channels and footbridges. For tour times, you can book below:

5. Experience Augsburg Textile History at the State Museum

Augsburg’s former status as a textile manufacturing powerhouse comes alive at the engaging textile and Industry Museum.

Housed in a historic factory building, this innovative museum showcases centuries of weaving heritage with rows of clattering looms, hands-on exhibits to try your hand at production processes, and galleries of intricate textile art and fashions. With plenty of English labeling, it’s a fascinating deep dive into Augsburg’s industrial legacy.

6. Shop at Augsburg Christmas Market (Seasonal)

If visiting in late November or December, joining the festive Augsburg Christmas market is an absolute must-do tradition. Wooden stalls decked out in twinkling lights peddle unique handicrafts and gift items, while scents of hot spiced wine, roasted chestnuts and other treats fill the air.

Don’t miss the towering “Engelesspiel” angel figures and chance to indulge in gingerbread, candied nuts, and mulled wine called Glühwein.

From iconic Renaissance architecture and stirring historical sights to cozy taverns pouring the signature honey gin, it’s easy to lose your heart to Augsburg’s endless charms. While it may not boast Germany’s biggest attractions, this underrated gem is simply brimming with remarkable treasures well worth taking the time to really experience.

FAQ’s About Things To Do In Augsburg Germany

Is it worth visiting Augsburg?

Absolutely! Augsburg offers a unique blend of history, architecture, and culture. Renaissance enthusiasts, textile buffs, and those seeking a less-crowded German experience will find it especially rewarding. Plus, its proximity to Munich makes it a great day trip or addition to a larger Bavarian itinerary.

What is special in Augsburg, Germany?

Rich Renaissance heritage and stunning architecture.
UNESCO-listed water management system showcasing centuries of engineering ingenuity.
Deep connection to the influential Fugger family, powerful merchants, and bankers.
Birthplace of Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Vibrant textile industry past, showcased in a dedicated museum.

Why is Augsburg Germany important?

Augsburg played a significant role in European history:Major center of Renaissance culture and trade.
Home of the wealthy Fugger family who shaped finance and politics.
A key location in religious conflicts, leading to the Peace of Augsburg, a landmark for religious tolerance.

Is Augsburg the oldest city in Germany?

No, Augsburg is not the oldest city in Germany. That title likely belongs to either Trier or Worms, with both cities claiming ancient Roman origins.

What food is Augsburg known for?

Local specialties not to miss include the sweet Augsburger mustard (which originated here), knoblauchsemmeln (garlic bread rolls), lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies), and the signature Augsburger Herrentrunk herbal honey gin liqueur.

What are some top attractions in Augsburg?

Major attractions include the Renaissance water towers, Rathaus, Schaezlerpalais, tim textile museum, Maximilianstrasse, the Augsburg Christmas markets, Fuggerei housing district, and churches like St. Michael’s and St. Anne’s.

Visit More Augsburg Attractions With These Guided Tours

Watch my full Augsburg tour experiencing all the best spots.

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