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Top 7 Scenic Mountain Ranges To Explore

Mountain ranges possess a unique scenic beauty that attracts people. People enjoy traveling to mountain ranges as it establishes a deeper connection with the inner self and serves as a transcendental spiritual experience for many. Whether you prefer spending some quality time with yourself amidst scenic mountains and glaciers or prefer hiking around the breathtaking […]

Urban Art Destination: The Wynwood District, Miami

  During the week of Art Basel Miami Beach,  the city is electric with creative energy. All around the Wynwood district, street artists are at work painting buildings with new murals for Wynwood Mural Fest. Wynwood Walls is like a street art museum, free and open to anyone who wants to walk around and admire […]

The iPorn Art of Michael Seri

Miami Art Week 2019 Meet the Artist: Experience the Art Series The Artist: Michael Seri The Idea: Social Commentary on Our Addiction to Smart Devices and Social Media The Art: iPorn Dress Miami Art Week blurs the lines between art, design and fashion for new creative expressions that start conversations, precisely the point of provocative art. […]