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Top 7 Scenic Mountain Ranges To Explore

Mountain ranges possess a unique scenic beauty that attracts people. People enjoy traveling to mountain ranges as it establishes a deeper connection with the inner self and serves as a transcendental spiritual experience for many. Whether you prefer spending some quality time with yourself amidst scenic mountains and glaciers or prefer hiking around the breathtaking trails with fellow adventure enthusiasts, mother nature offers something for everyone. So if you are craving a little adventure and need a spiritual escape from the regular hectic life, here are seven scenic mountains you shouldn’t miss. Many mountaineers have successfully climbed up to the summits of mountain ranges mentioned below.

Swiss Alps:

rene reichelt HzaT5l4Fzqc unsplashUndoubtedly, the Alps of Switzerland has to be the first one on the list. The scenic beauty of the Matterhorn summit, covered in snow and the Dammastock peaks make the Swiss Alps a must-visit for every mountain enthusiast. Its perfect pyramid shape mountains attract many hikers from all over the world. The snow-clad slopes of the alps serve as a ground for many adventure activities such as snowboarding and skiing. That’s not all, Switzerland is home to lush green valleys, clear lakes, and other scenic beauty as well. Traveling in the Bernina Express, a majestic rail route along the Bernia pass offers a breathtaking view.

The Himalayas:

andreas gabler XEW Wd4240c unsplash 2The Himalayas are one of the breathtaking mountain ranges of Asia spread across India, Nepal, and Tibet. It offers one of the best scenic views of beautiful glaciers, mountain tops, and crystal clear lakes and rivers. However, the notable attraction of the Himalayas is the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. With a height of 29,029 ft above the sea level, it is not only the tallest but also one of the most challenging mountains to climb. Several mountaineers have attempted to climb Mount Everest, and only a few succeeded in reaching the summit due to the extremely challenging climbing route.


The Kirkjufell mountain of Iceland makes it to the list as it offers both tranquillity and adventure for mountain lovers. The mountain grasped several people’s attention when it served as a filming location for HBO’s famous series Game of Thrones (Season 6 and 7). The mountain is full of greenery across summer, and when the winter arrives, it turns into a milky white snowy mountain. It has one of the magnificent waterfalls of Iceland, the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. Visit the mountain range during winters, and experience the magnificent northern lights, as it is the most ideal and perfect location to do so.

Mount Etna:

The next spectacular mountain featured on this list is Mt. Etna of the Catania province, Sicily, Italy. It is located on the coast of Sicily and is an active volcano with a height of 11,000 ft. While the mountain attracts hikers and tourists interested in witnessing one of the active craters of Europe during summer, and during winter, it makes way for many snowboarding activities. The mountain also offers a beautiful hiking trail along Etna Park, offering breathtaking views of ancient caves, lava flows, and lunar landscapes. The traces of black lava across the lush green pine forest is a sight to behold.

Andes Mountain ranges:

aleksandar popovski H9TP5uAQyyY unsplashAndes mountain ranges are the largest continental mountain ranges in the world. It spreads along the western edge of South America covering Peru, Colombia. Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela. The place served as a citadel for the Incan people living in the country. It provides a window to ancient times, as one gets to view and experience several archaeological sites. A trip to this majestic place located on the Urubamba river valley lets people experience how life was a hundred years ago.

Southern Alps:

Here’s another mountain range located in New Zealand that offers spectacular views of picturesque mountains covered in snow. The highest mountain peak in the Southern Alps is the Aoraki/Mount Cook, situated in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. Activities like mountain walking, skiing, glacier viewing make it a must-visit spot in New Zealand. The park is accessible through State Highway 80 and has one of the best hiking trails. However, take the necessary precautions, such as making sure that your car has a roof rack cage to carry luggage and hiking gear to ensure maximum safety.


arto marttinen 6Wt0kG2zK4A unsplashTake a trip to Patagonia if you wish to spend some quality time with yourself or a loved one, away from the bustling city life. The place is full of scenic beauty with crystal clear lakes, beautiful snowy glaciers, and mountain peaks. Patagonia covers the southern region of the Andes Mountains spread of Argentina and Chile. The sparse population of the place makes it ideal for people looking for a secluded destination with less tourist attraction. Patagonia is a scenic paradise with the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

Final Thoughts

The mountain ranges featured on this list have helped in training many professional mountaineers that went on and climbed even the highest mountain in the world. However, it is essential to follow all the necessary precautions while mountaineering, as some of the mountain ranges, have difficult, and steep climbing paths. French Alps, Dolomite mountains, and the Rocky Mountains are also some of the scenic mountain ranges to explore, along with the ones mentioned above.

This post was authored by Rebecca Siggers



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