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How To Successfully Add Two Styles in One Room

How To Successfully Add Two Styles in One Room

I’m not here to knock matchy matchy homes. That style works for a lot of homeowners. However, mixing it up a bit can be a great way to let your home take on a life of its own. Mixing and matching decor says a lot about the style and personality of the homeowner.

The design world uses a lot of mixed elements, and if you’re interested, we can tell you how to successfully add two styles in one room.

Don’t Make It a Competition

Remember this rule: don’t compete where it can’t compare. Incorporating two styles in one room is all about finding a delicate balance. Harmony needs to happen for everything to go off without problems. Therefore, when you start to mix different furniture, the walls need to be bare.

Stick with a neutral backdrop. Colorful walls with mixed and matched designs will look too busy and take away from the beauty of the furniture. A light gray hue on the walls is a great option when you plan to add different pieces of art to the wall. Let the furniture items shine and the backdrop support them.

Mind the Scale

Think about the scale when you start to pick out furniture. Keep the scale of all your decor in the same realm. You don’t want a huge, overstuffed chair next to a small and dainty one. The difference is more so about the style rather than the size.

Similar heights will make combination pieces work better. If most of the furniture in the room is low to the ground and centered, don’t put an overstated piece right in the center. It will throw off the balance completely. This is a tip that works best with contemporary pieces.

Go the Repetitive Route

Don’t be afraid of a little repetition. In this case, it’s a good thing. For example, decorating with different rugs in one room is a great way to incorporate two different styles. A bit of repetition will make the home feel cozier and more inviting.

Plus, we don’t need to overthink the process because repetition does all the heavy lifting for us.

Build Some Friendships

I let the pieces in my room have a buddy. Give them at least one companion that shares a color or finish. The styles will be from different eras or origins, but they work because they match in some way.

Refrain from having solitary and lonesome pieces to hang by themselves. Two styles in one room work much better when there’s a backup added to the mix.

Successfully adding two styles in one room will take some trial and error. Just remember to remain patient, and eventually, things will flow together.

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