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Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

If you have been having issues with your roof to the point where there is no other option but to have a full roof replacement, you have probably been under enough stress while trying to get the best estimate, find an experienced team of roofers in Indianapolis, and select the right material for the new roof. Once all those issues seem to have been resolved you may start to lose sleep again thinking of the perils your family may encounter if you decide that you will stay home during the installation. However, before spending another sleepless night, it is best to get some accurate information about whether or not you should stay home while your new roof is being installed. Let’s see.


Advantages of Staying Home


You are already spending a pretty penny on the roof replacement and you may not want to spend more by paying for a hotel stay for the entire family. If you are offered lodging with a neighbor, you may be able to supervise the work without incurring any extra expenses.

You Can Oversee the Work

Even if you hire a trusted roofing firm, you may not feel comfortable giving them the full run of your house. By staying home, you can also be on hand in case the roofer encounters an issue they need to discuss with you before the work can go on.

Disadvantages of Staying Home


No doubt about it, a roof replacement is a noisy job. If you have a baby, if your kids may get scared by the noise, or even if you work from home and have many Zoon meetings, you may want to consider staying elsewhere during the installation.

It May Be Stressful

If you get stressed out by seeing your roof taken apart and listening to all the noise involved in the installation, you should consider leaving the job to the professionals and going someplace else during the day.

It May Not Be Safe

Depending on the layout of your home and the type of roofing material being installed, your roofer may recommend that you not stay home while the job is getting done. You and your children may not want to wear a hard hat if you stay.

It May Get Cold

One of the main roles of a roof is to keep the inhabitants of the house protected from the elements. If your roofer has informed you that the roof will have to remain open overnight, you definitely do not want to sleep in the home.

It May Not Be Possible to Stay

By definition, roof replacements wreak havoc on the daily activities of those living in the house. Materials are coming in and need to be left someplace, making it impossible for you to get your car out of the garage. Your kids may cry if you do not allow them to run and play outside as they normally do for fear of debris falling on their heads and hurting them. Even your pets may not enjoy being cooped up inside the house all day. Go by what your roofer recommends but ultimately it may just be impossible for you to stay at home during the roof replacement. 


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