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Small Ways To Make Your Outfit Less Basic

A basic tee and jeans can be boring if you don’t add flair. Why not add sparkles or put up a ponytail? Here are small ways to make your outfit less basic.

Picking the right outfit can be an easy feat. A cute blazer with a blouse, dress slacks, and a pair of shiny high heels can be a stunning choice. You feel confident and ready to take on the world.

But sometimes clothes alone aren’t enough to make your outfit as attractive as you want it to be. Using small ways to make your outfit less basic will do wonders for your entire outfit ensemble with a bit of creative thinking.

Clothing Alterations

Making tweaks to your outfit can give it an entirely new feel. For instance, a basic tee can be a little too long, so consider tying it off or tucking the front into your denim jeans. It sinches the waist, creating an hourglass silhouette. It’s a budget-friendly and fresh look.

Rolling up and tucking the ankle of your denim jeans can also make the fabric look cleaner while removing the need to alter. Making minor adjustments without completely overhauling the look can be enough to change its appearance.

Add a Little Shine

Who knew that adding a pair of earrings can make your entire outfit classier? Adding a piece or two of jewelry and accessories can switch up the whole outfit. It comes across as more professional, put together, and can even get you a few compliments. Who doesn’t love some extra sparkle?

Whether you’re adding a rose gold watch, purchasing a golden chain necklace, or even throwing on a two-piece necklace set, jewelry adds extra flair and luxury to any outfit. Jewelry pieces are a great conversation subject in social gatherings. So, take advantage of talking about where you got your jewelry and what your biggest inspiration was.

Play With Your Hair

Hair is an integral part of your ensemble. It determines your personality, organization, and lifestyle—all without saying a word. So, it’s essential to have your hair reflect how you present yourself.

An easy option is throwing your hair back into a sleek ponytail or partial updo. Feminine but professional, pulling hair back creates a mood of importance and confidence. Whether it’s at the office or a party, ponytails and updos are always eye-catching hairstyles.

On the other end, curling or straightening your hair does wonders for projecting your personality. Working with your natural texture with good hair products can make your mane look clean and put together. So, play around with a few looks to enhance your beautiful hair.

While an outfit may not need any alterations, reflect on what you can add to give it an extra perk. You don’t need to go overboard—keep it clean and straightforward. A ring here and a headband there brings a sense of being informed and fresh in the fashion industry.

Don’t stress over the unnecessary steps—athleisure, business-casual, or a simple sundress change around so quickly. Just add and remove what you think you’d like and run from there. It’s always fun to experiment and bring out your inner creativity.


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