Ski in Style with Glamping in the Italian Alps

by Karen LeBlanc

Nestled in the Palu Alps in Italy lies a ski resort that invites guests to go glamping among the snow-covered mountains. The Valmalenco Ski Resort caught my attention for its guest suites perched on top of the Palu Alps and only accessible by snowmobile along a snowcat track.

The 2Cuori in Pista, The  Valmalenco Ski Resort

The 2Cuori in Pista is a minimalist suite with a double bed and a private bathroom with a white and Ferrari red bathtub that drinks in panoramic views over the unadulterated landscape. 

The 2Cuori in Pista suite in the Palu Alps at The  Valmalenco Ski Resort

The bathtub is situated in the most scenic corner of the suite

The bathtub is known as the MINI by Glass Design Italy with its white and red external surface finished in semi-gloss thanks to a process of hand-brushing which enables it to be finished in a variety of chromatic shades.   

Scenic view atop the Palu Alps at The  Valmalenco Ski Resort

Chiesa Valmalenco is the main center of Valmalenco, a valley in the immediate vicinity of Sondriohe and is home to hotels, restaurants and guesthouses.  The  Valmalenco Ski Resort is nearby and features 8 lifts including one of largest cable cars in the world with 160-person cabins. 

The MINI bathtub in Ferrari Red by Glass Design Italy

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