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Simple Ways To Introduce Patterns To Your Wardrobe

If you’re falling for fall but want to introduce something new to your closet, try patterns. Here are some ways to introduce patterns to your wardrobe.

As fall draws closer, it comes time to introduce our favorite sweaters and fashion choices back into the closet. If you’re not the type to love the bright colors of summer, then enjoy the aesthetic of fall. One of our favorite ways to ring in fall is with patterns—think cheetah, leopard, stripes, and chevron. All of it fits perfectly with the typical tones of fall!

For some, however, patterns can seem more daunting than exciting. If that’s you, discover some easy ways to introduce patterns to your wardrobe without moving too fast. You’ll find some of our favorites below—don’t miss it!

Grab Some Patterned Leggings

Woman walking down the stairs
Woman walking down the stairs

Probably one of the easiest ways to bring patterns into your wardrobe is with leggings. As a woman’s best friend, these comfortable pieces can shift from day to night and from gym to brunch—they’re that versatile. Obviously, you’ll have to change up how you’re styling them to do that, but most patterned leggings will be just the all-purpose item you’ve been looking for.

When you’re trying to learn how to wear patterned leggings, remember this one rule: Keep the top simple. With an all-over pattern on the bottom, you’ll need a subtle shirt on top to keep your look relaxed.

Start With Small Details

If you really don’t feel prepared for patterns, make sure to start small. Don’t go with an over-sized cheetah-print fur jacket if you’re not comfortable wearing stripes first. Some of our favorite items to help you make those small steps toward patterns include:

*Nominated* Bright and colorful scarves in all colors of the rainbow
*Nominated* Bright and colorful scarves in all colors of the rainbow

Whether it’s a chunky infinity scarf or a plaid blanket scarf, these can work both for outerwear purposes or to wear throughout the day. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

Hair Accessories

Scrunchies are back! And so are headscarves! Get a few patterned options of both to open yourself up to the realm of patterns.


Leopard print shoes are bold but not overwhelming. Start with a cute sneaker, and build your way up to a bootie. It’s a great first step.

Add One Piece at a Time

Stylish summer women's clothing and accessories. Beach fashion.
Stylish summer women’s clothing and accessories. Beach fashion. Trend Strip print. Top view.

Don’t go from no patterns to patterns everywhere. Give yourself some time to warm up to the idea of patterns. Wear a black-and-white striped T-shirt underneath a denim shirt—there’s a pattern there, but it’s comfortable. Add a chevron scarf, rather than a chevron rain jacket, and patterned sneakers. Add one piece at a time, and your comfort will grow.

Build up To Bold Pieces

In that same sense, make your way up to the bolder pieces. Like we said, if you’ve never worn patterns before but decide your first try is a cheetah-print jumpsuit, you might get overwhelmed. Build your way up to bold. Once you’re comfortable with scarves, make your way up to shirts, then jackets, then a full-body pattern. Your transition to a patterned wardrobe will be much easier to stick with that way.

Fashion Plaid Womаn
Fashion Plaid Womаn on abstract background

Find Your Pattern and Refine It

It can be easier to fall in love with patterns if you find a favorite. Not all people are in love with every pattern under the sun. If you love cheetah, find subtle ways to bring cheetah into your wardrobe. The same goes for stripes, chevron, polka dots, or any other animal print. That said, just because you find your pattern, that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it with every piece. Refine it, and move forward!


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