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Selfie Generation: Has the Travelling Purpose Changed?

Travel and photography go hand in hand and have done so for as long as cameras have been around. Technology has certainly evolved since the time of the tripod stand and clunky apparatus. 

We carry in our pockets the means to snap a pic anytime and anywhere, and we’re only waiting for the right opportunity. It’s definitely affected the purpose behind our travels, and below, we find out how.

old 1130731 1920What’s the Hype?

It seems that many people are traveling so that they can utilize the trip for social media. It’s no longer deciding where to go on holiday for fun, but rather where to go that subscribers will like. 

Snapping pics for memories to look at when we’re old has turned into taking photos for monetary compensation through social media. If you’re an influencer, you should read this blog article from Facetune to get some tips for your next destination.

The Effect on Travel Providers

For the hospitality industry, this rising trend requires a degree of technological and cultural change. The sector needs to embrace modern communication methods favored by its techno-savvy clientele. 

It also needs to help customers by offering seamless access to social media and “curating” their trip. Hotels have to work on policies to negate the demands that some big influencers have for online endorsements

These could take the form of upgrades, cash refunds, discounts, reduced duty-free prices, and VIP services. If the provider chooses not to indulge these often greedy travelers, they risk a bad review on the influencers’ platforms.

Themed Photos and Videos

The term selfie is a picture of oneself taken by oneself. Before technology advanced, you’d have to have a person take a picture, usually with a camera. When traveling, you aren’t only limited to photos; you can also film yourself. After recording an activity, you can share it with your followers on social media.

Many people who use travel primarily to post evidence on various platforms use themes for their selfies in exotic places. They’re likely to dress up and style themselves in anticipation of taking a snapshot instead of just enjoying their trip.

adult 2178904 1920The Future of Travel

The industry is looking towards future travel trends and has segmented travelers into new groups. 

  • Simplicity searchers are generally families or older people who use agents to help them arrange the trip.
  • Cultural purists are people seeking immersive travel.
  • Ethical travelers are usually a younger market for whom the environmental concerns are most important.
  • Obligation meeters are traveling not necessarily for a holiday but on business or to visit family.
  • Reward hunters favor luxury travel and are often singletons. These individuals would also go for sporting holidays.

The challenge is that some groups could be making choices based on whether the venue is attractive enough to share on social media. 

Not only that, but there’s a big need for the travel providers to stimulate their guest’s imaginations. Big-time influencers don’t only want to enjoy the foreign locales, but they want to find exciting and unusual adventures that’ll ensure them a wider audience. 

They expect a resort or hotel to arrange these sightseeing activities for them.

Travel Fatigue

With the focus of traveling changing so much, many people suffer from travel fatigue and no longer see the beauty of the destination for what it is. Instead, their only focus is on getting the perfect shot to satisfy their followers. 

They’ll often completely miss gorgeous scenery in an area filled with it as they can’t see how special it is because they’re looking at it through a lens.

travel 1749508 1920Final Thoughts

Travelling has become a business for many social media addicts and wannabe influencers. It’s made planning a destination more about whether it can be monetized through the various photos and videos rather than for travel enjoyment. 

Providers have been drawn into the loop as they need to cater to various groups and toe the line if they don’t want a bad review from one of the big shot swayers. Tourists make an effort to ensure that the photos and videos are themed to match the exotic places they visit. 

The hospitality industry has already segmented various groups and is trying to meet each one’s needs. The regretful thing is that people will travel and miss most of the beauty around them as they search for the perfect shot.

This post was authored by Wendy Dessler 


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