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QMocha will accelerate the aesthetics of your e-commerce in 2022

This is a design-focused creative-minded blog and we have the buzz into the hottest new trend in e-commerce.

 Do you consider yourself design-minded? Do you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the image of your store? Do you want to offer a shopping experience?

Then learn about QMocha to really take your e-commerce to the next level.

image 6487327 1One of the most important parts of e-commerce is photography. Photography allows you to tell a story. Growing eCommerce stores cannot always afford the cost and logistics of editorial photography QMocha allows them to take their ecommerce up several notches with a limited cost involved yet significant opportunity for growth. QMocha is AI powered technology that powers content creation and sales conversion for eCommerce retailers. While originally designed for fashion retailers, eCommerce retailers in any industry such home décor, design and other industries can  create engaging content using their Shopify App.

QMocha is great even for wallpaper brands that want to insert wallpaper on walls or want to mix and match environments. It is also great to partner with the hospitality industry to show their spaces with people in them potentially and to showcase any collaborations.

QMocha was inspired by the founder, Arvind Baliga, who experienced elements that hindered a true creative opportunity when he was running an e-commerce store along with a digital campaign for that store. Arvind has now developed an app to help you ignite your e-commerce shop in just a few clicks. Picture taking studio photography from simple backgrounds to creative, colorful, artistic and even on location backgrounds in just a few clicks. The QMocha Shopify app seamlessly connects the store’s existing product & model images to your own curated background photo or users can source through millions of backdrops from Getty Images™. Beyond expanding the photography on your e-commerce shop you can download images for constant content on your social media platforms.

Arvind started switching up the plain white backdrops a bit and realized that backdrops could enhance the selling power of a product.  Some of the images in his campaigns performed more than three times better than others after adjusting them from something dull to something that told a story.  This revealed the power of backdrops to communicate the experience and emotion that engage customers. Based on this insight, QMocha has developed AI technology to unleash the creative potential for Shopify store owners and marketers. They worked closely with eCommerce retailers to develop the technology in different verticals such as apparel, skincare, home decor, bath & body and it is now available as an app in the Shopify store. QMocha was a true solution to a problem he experienced himself that was to invigorate his website he had to tweak each individual image now he can change several photos in an instant using the AI built in technology.

In these times when logistics can make it difficult for brands to get their products to photoshoot locations, QMocha AI brings the location to the product catalog. QMocha’s experiential events partnering with Caravan Social Club will showcase how brands can create inspiring creative for their products in partnership with artists and photographers. QMocha’s AI seamlessly blends editorial photoshoots with the virtual world creating unlimited creative possibilities for brands.

QMocha has opened up a window for brands to sign up on their website and coming soon there will be a special one – of – a – kind background “drops” happening as well. QMocha paid plans start at just $100 per month and there are several tiered plans that can be added to be able to really power boost your e-commerce platform as well as create a consistent marketing campaign energizing your newsletter, invites, social media posts and more.









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