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How to Prepare Your Heating System for Upcoming Winter

It’s not until the cold season’s first chill hits the air that you realize how important your home’s heating system is. You’ll probably spend more time indoors, meaning you need your home as comfortable as possible. 

How to Prepare Your Heating System for Upcoming Winter (Image Credit Pexels)

It’s frustrating and dangerous when your heating system goes down. It’s even more stressful if you have young children or elderly residents. With this in mind, do everything you can to prepare your heating system for the upcoming winter season. Here are six tips for heating installation from Mister Quik Home Services that will come in handy this winter.

Replace Old and Inefficient Units

Don’t wait until you need your furnace to start considering a replacement. By then, it’s too late. If the unit is over 15 years old, now’s the time to start shopping. The good news is that technological advancements have resulted in more efficient heating systems that save significant money on energy bills.

Check the energy efficiency rating (AFUE) when shopping for a new unit. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system. Another consideration is the size. A furnace that’s too small will constantly run and wear out quickly. A large one will cycle on and off, wasting energy.

Schedule a Tune-Up

A tune-up is a thorough cleaning and inspection of your heating system by a qualified technician. Most heating systems need a tune-up at least once a year, typically in the fall. The technician will clean and inspect the blower, motor, filter, and coils. They’ll also test the thermostat to see if it’s working correctly and take care of any parts that need repairs or replacement.

Because blocked filters are one of the most common problems that prevent heating systems from working correctly, check and clean them monthly. If you have a disposable filter, replace it after three months. Clean reusable ones with soap and water, then rinse and dry thoroughly before putting them back in place.

Keep the Area Around Your Heating Unit Clear

Your furnace needs adequate airflow to work correctly. Keep the area around the furnace free of storage boxes, clothes, and other items. The rule of thumb is to maintain a three-foot clearance around the unit. Besides, make sure the intake and output vents aren’t obstructed. The intake vent brings fresh air into the furnace, and the output removes exhaust fumes. 

Insulate Your Home

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs and keep your home comfortable is to insulate it properly. Attic insulation is the most important, followed by walls and floors. Most homes are poorly insulated, so there’s usually room for improvement. Adding insulation is a project you can do yourself or hire a professional.

Also, check the windows and doors to ensure they’re properly sealed. Replace any cracked or missing caulking and weatherstripping. Even minor gaps can let in cold air and make your furnace work harder.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, now’s the time to get one. Program it to lower the temperature at night or when away from home. A smart thermostat is even more advanced, as it can learn your schedule and adjust accordingly. You can also check for more information.

Think of Adding Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just valuable for the summer. Reversing the direction of the blades pushes warm air down, making the room feel warmer. Install them in the most -used rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms. You’ll spend less on heating and stay more comfortable.

Stay Warm The Entire Season

Inspecting your heating system and the entire home before the cold weather sets in lets you note the areas that need improvement. The effort enables you to take the necessary measures to prevent cold weather damage. You’ll stay warm all season, drastically reduce the need for emergency repairs and keep your energy bills low.



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