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How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

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Does your home seem to have seen better days? For example, does the paint look cracked or crazed, like an alligator’s skin? Are some faucets leaky and rusted? Does the lighting look dated? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it’s probably time to start modernizing your outdated home.

A home that looks outdated or worn down can undoubtedly feel unattractive to live in. Not to mention how difficult it can be to sell when that time comes, says State Property Management.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can update your home without denting your finances.

7 Tips on How to Update your Home

Tip #1: Give your walls a fresh coat of paint.

blue paint on white surface 2351865A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. It’s not only quick but inexpensive too. A can of paint will only cost you about $25. Properly done, it will help brighten your rooms as well as give a new design perspective to your artwork, accessories, furniture, and other elements in the space.

Now, painting doesn’t necessarily require one to have advanced skills and experience. With some time and very few materials, you can turn your dated and worn exteriors into more attractive spaces on your own.

That said, seek professional help if the scope of the project seems overwhelming.

Tip #2: Install new faucets.

Did you know that water damage is among the top insurance claims for homeowners? That’s right! In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in every 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage each year.

So, if your faucets look all beat up, it may be in your best interest to replace them.

New faucets aren’t only more convenient to use with their modern features, but they are designed to use water more efficiently. Besides choosing stylish and efficient faucets, also remember to choose ones that are proven to be durable.

Tip #3: Swap your old lights and replace them with LED ones.

white cfl bulb 542619Outdated lights are not only dim, but they are also inefficient. LED lights, on the other hand, are quite efficient. Their efficiency can go as much as 80% as compared to traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Also, unlike fluorescent lights that degrade over time, LED fittings will maintain their integrity over their entire lifespan. According to, when used for 8 hours a day, LED lights can last up to 17 years!

Tip #4: Replace the bathroom vanity.

A bathroom is a high-use room. It’s used multiple times in a day by all family members. As such, it’s quite understandable when it starts looking dull and grimy.

Now, there are many things that you should consider when choosing a bathroom vanity. The following are some of the things you should keep in mind.

  • Your budget
  • The space
  • Your existing plumbing setup
  • Style of sink
  • Maintenance needs

Do you need to buy it new? Of course not! With some little digging on sites like Craigslist, you can get a great deal for cheap.

Tip #5: Replace all worn utilities.

hand line color soil blue electricity 673773Replacing tired and worn utilities can also help in your efforts to modernize your home. Did you know that the typical American family spends more than $2,000 a year on utility bills, including sewage, water, and electricity?

One way to bring that cost down is by upgrading your old, inefficient appliances. After all, your appliances are the conduits through which you use a majority of your utilities.

It goes without saying that when shopping, only focus on energy-efficient appliances. While these may cost you a pretty penny, you’ll easily make up for those expenses with utility bill savings over the course of the years.

Tip #6: Update your window treatments.

Windows are easy to overlook. If you have been leaving your windows bare, it is time for an update.

There are many options to choose from. The latest trends include:

  • Dark neutrals
  • Bold prints
  • Trim
  • Jewel tones & metallic
  • Pastels
  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Tip #7: Update your kitchen. 21You can also update your home with a kitchen makeover. The following are some of the things you can do in this regard.

  • Refresh your tired kitchen floor by floating new linoleum tiles atop the old flooring.
  • Select new countertops in concrete, granite or marble to give your kitchen a luxurious, modern look.
  • Include new lighting fixtures such as sconces, chandelier, and overhead lights to create a contemporary looking kitchen.
  • Add new knobs and handles in brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Remember, your kitchen is the hub of your home and that’s where you will spend most of your time.

There you have it. 7 tips on how to modernize your outdated home. Once you do these, your home will look fresh, sparkling, welcoming and appealing.

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