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Key Items To Have At Your Housewarming Party

When hosting a housewarming party, sometimes we forget to consider everyone else’s comfort. Check out these must-have items to add comfort to your party.

Some key items to have at your housewarming party include seating, tables, and finger foods. Although they are coming to celebrate and gift you, you don’t want to be a ruthless host by not providing everything your guests need.

Party concept with tequila, guacamole and chips
Party concept with tequila, guacamole and chips


When buying custom drink coasters for your housewarming party, be sure to know the size you want, the material you want them made from, and the shape that best catches your eye. They are marvelous, subtle art pieces to have. Coasters are fantastic to have in abundance during this gathering because you don’t want to be thinking about designs to replace your surface tops already! They will also save you time from cleaning up many sticky surfaces after the party.

Adequate Seating

When hosting a party, it is best to be honest with ourselves. Some furniture and items are strictly for decoration. No matter the size of your space, you want people to be able to gather comfortably.

Having adequate seating in addition to your furniture will help combat your cleaning nightmares with your new furniture.

Party sweet
Party sweet

Finger Foods

Having little finger foods for guests to eat is an excellent way to keep them filled during the event. You don’t have to go all out; you can create a vegetable tray or a charcuterie board.

You can go with deviled eggs for more filling options and any variety of rolls, ranging from bread, spring, or eggrolls. A clever idea would be to have a housewarming potluck, thus removing some of the stress off of yourself.

Thank You Gifts

A thank you gift can range from a card, a customized matchbook, or travel-size hand sanitizer and tissue. Having thank you gifts is the key item to have at your housewarming party because you eliminate additional work for yourself after the party. The guest will not leave empty-handed and will feel very much appreciated.


There’s nothing worse than walking into an environment and it being dead silent. Music of all sorts will liven up the party! Having a variety playlist playing in the background will keep guests entertained, and their minds stimulated during the gathering.

Party with music and snacks
Party with music and snacks


Suppose you and your friends aren’t the type to play games like limbo, cards, and horseshoes. Instead, you can substitute these basic party games with things like charades, scavenger hunts, or room memory!

Island Tables

Having other islands or tables for your housewarming space is a great way to provide guests with additional room for their belongings, food, and gathering. In addition, extra tables will be great for serving food and displaying necessary items.

Refreshing Beverages

If you don’t whip up a giant batch of your signature punch or cocktail, be sure to provide various refreshing beverages. You can have sparkling drinks, virgin drinks, or wine coolers. As you’re getting ready to mail your housewarming invitations, stop and ask yourself if you have all the necessary items to pull off your event.


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