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The Interior Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Who doesn’t want their personal space to represent their personalities and give them an atmosphere that makes them feel comforted and at home? Everybody may have a different personal style, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few pointers everybody should stick to in order to create the best atmosphere at home. Below, you’ll find a few interior design mistakes you could be making – take a look, and once rectified, you’ll love the space you’re left with: 

Pushing Furniture Against The Wall

When you push furniture against the wall, you may think that you’re creating more space. In actual fact, you are making your room look more cramped. Having furniture pushed up against the wall does nothing for the look of your home or your space. Even pulling it away from the wall can make a big difference. Explore different ways of displaying your furniture to create a social seating area. Whatever you do, don’t default to furniture just shoved against the wall. 

Using Minimal Texture 

If you want your home to look interesting and cozy, one of the best things you can do is use as much texture as possible. Using plenty of texture instantly makes your home feel warmer and more interesting, so get creative.

Plain White Walls

Having plain white walls is just boring – unless you’re going to spice them up with lots of pictures and artwork. White walls with nothing on them might seem nice and modern, but often looks cold and boring in a regular household. Either choose a color, use wallpaper, or add interest to your plain white walls with artwork. 

Terrible Lighting

Having bad lighting in your home will make you unproductive, and ruin the look of your home altogether. Instead, make sure you have the right type of lighting for how you use the space. A kitchen will need task lighting, for example. 

Wrong Sized Furniture 

People often think that if they have a small room, they must choose small furniture pieces. However, this isn’t the case. You can get away with using larger pieces, but you must avoid cluttering the space with visual clutter. Using larger pieces can actually make a small room look bigger if you select just the right size. 

Too Many Small Decor Pieces 

As we previously mentioned, too many small decor pieces can often mean visual clutter. This can give you a headache and make any space look messy. 

Leaving The Important Elements Until Last 

If you have important elements to see to, do these first. Your decor is important, but a functional home is even more important. Taking care of your HVAC – heating, ventilation, air conditioning, for example, will ensure comfort no matter what your decor looks like. 

Not Using A Color Wheel 

A color wheel will allow you to see the colors that perfectly go together and even those that clash well. Use one and you’ll come up with the best scheme! 

Copying Your Decor From Instagram or Pinterest 

Don’t just copy your decor from somewhere else. Add your own personal touches! 

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