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HVAC Maintenance – How Often to Change HVAC Filter?

Filters in household and commercial HVAC systems must be changed regularly. Here’s how frequently you should change your HVAC filter.

HVAC systems require routine maintenance. An HVAC system is almost like a car that requires adequate care and maintenance to perform properly and increase its lifespan. A properly functioning HVAC system will keep your house warm or cool for many years.

If you purchased modern heating or cooling equipment, you want to ensure that it is operating properly and that you are receiving good value for your money. The sooner you detect an issue with your HVAC filter, or even the more inspections you do to prevent a problem from arising in the first place, the cheaper your HVAC maintenance expenses will be.

Holding ventilation grill of HVAC for cleaning or replacing.
Holding ventilation grill of HVAC for cleaning or replacing.

HVAC Maintenance

There are several aspects to consider while maintaining your HVAC air filter system. This is a great problem, especially for residential and commercial HVAC filters. The entire system should be inspected annually for visible defects so as not to be surprised by the failures caused by these possible problems.

You should call an HVAC supplier to evaluate and maintain your system every autumn and spring. Maintaining your HVAC system in good condition is an excellent method to save money on your monthly energy costs.

  • Lubrication of moving components is part of HVAC maintenance. Moving parts must be adequately lubricated to avoid overheating and friction, which can lead to failure.
  • Higher energy expenses occur from a poorly maintained HVAC system. If the system is not operating at full efficiency, it will need increasing energy to warm or cool your house to the temperature at which you are comfortable.
  • Regular maintenance helps keep the HVAC system running at near maximum efficiency. You can easily save up to 30% on your energy bills.
  • All HVAC connections and drainpipes have the potential to leak. These leaks cause your system to work tougher than it ought to be, which may need the replacement of one or even more components. Regular maintenance increases the life of your unit, lowering the possibility that you’ll need to spend a lot of money on an HVAC setup in the near future.

Proper HVAC maintenance is estimated to lower the chance of costly failures by up to 95%. Regular HVAC maintenance also protects you and your household against the dangers of carbon monoxide, an invisible, tasteless gas with lethal consequences. Routine maintenance allows your commercial and residential HVAC filters to create and distribute warm or cold air accurately and consistently.

How Often to Change HVAC Filter?

The frequency with which a home’s HVAC air filter is replaced depends on the expected life of the filter and the various qualities of the home that affect the filter. Air filters are usually not designed to filter air permanently. Eventually, they will be filled with dust and dirt. The filter may need to be replaced or cleaned, depending on your system. In fact, air filters do not have a fixed life.

We recommend that you replace your home air filter every 30 days if you use a cheaper fiberglass filter. High-quality pleated filters can be used for up to 6 months. However, as a general rule, your home pleated air filter and furnace filter should be replaced every 90 days. The longer the filter is installed, the more dirt, dust, and allergens will be trapped, the more clogged the filter, and the less efficient it will be.

If you have pets in the house, we recommend replacing your filter every 60 days or every two months. For houses with several dogs or persons who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, we suggest replacing your filter after 20-45 days.


Among the essential things you could do on your own to keep your HVAC system in excellent working order is to replace your air filter regularly. Top rated commercial & residential air filter suppliers and manufacturers recommend replacing your HVAC air filter every three months. We recommend you to visit Custom Filters Direct website to buy the best quality air filters online.

If you do not replace the HVAC air filter, it will start to fail. You will not be able to filter the air properly. Dust blocks moving parts such as fan motors and valves. It limits the flow of air and puts a strain on the system. HVAC systems consume more energy to overcome obstacles. Dust reduces the energy efficiency of the device, which leads to failure.

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