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5 Decorating Ideas for Your Statement Wall

5 Decorating Ideas for Your Statement Wall

One of the best ways to shake up a room and make it more eye-catching is by adding an accent wall. A statement wall is a wall that stands out from the rest of the room in color or decoration. We’ve got some decorating ideas for your statement wall you should try if you’re looking for inspiration!

Gallery Wall

Do you have a substantial collection of framed wall art or photographs you want to display? Instead of scattering them all around your home, put them on your statement wall to create a gallery! A gallery wall puts all your framed photos and art to use and frees up wall space in the rest of your home for other art and photos. Plus, it allows you to have all your favorite art and decorations on one wall.

Canvas Art

If you don’t want to use a lot of smaller pieces of art, consider one large piece that makes a statement. Canvas art is trendy because it’s affordable and customizable, and it takes up a lot of wall space. There’s no shortage of canvas art available, or you can print a customized canvas of your favorite art. Get a museum-quality canvas print of whatever you want—landscapes, architecture, photography, or anything else!


Instead of adding art to your wall, why not make the whole wall an art piece? If you consider yourself an artist, a statement wall is an excellent opportunity to showcase your drawing and painting skills with a full-length mural. Even if you’re not artistic, a mural can still be a fun decor piece that expresses your personality. It doesn’t have to be a stunning work of art. You can even have everyone in your household chip in for a wall mural that represents the whole family!

Chalkboard or Whiteboard

Do you love to stay organized and write little notes and reminders throughout the day? Instead of hanging a small chalkboard or whiteboard in one room, make the wall a chalkboard! Chalkboard walls are becoming more common every year. They are not only fun but convenient. A chalkboard wall is like a blank canvas for when you want to relax and doodle. Plus, it’s hard to miss a note-so-self that takes up the whole wall!

Funky Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t just for your grandparent’s kitchen; it can also make a fun accent wall! Wallpaper has fallen out of fashion in modern interior design, but a statement wall is an ideal spot for your favorite funky wallpaper design. Instead of covering the entire room in wallpaper, you can simply cover your statement wall so the pattern is less distracting. Keep the other walls in the room simple to draw the eye to your accent wall!

We hope our decorating ideas for your statement wall have inspired you! Which decor strategy will you use—the funky wallpaper, gallery wall, or an idea of your own? Let us know what makes your statement wall stand out!

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