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Easy Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Yard This Year

Easy Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Yard This Year

Maintaining a healthy yard is more complicated than you may think, but there are some simple things you can do to keep it looking nice all year round. For many, their yard is a significant source of pride! When you keep your yard healthy all year, you keep your entire home welcoming to guests. Read on to discover easy tips for maintaining a healthy yard this year.

Rake, but Not Too Much

Most people have had to do chores at some point in their childhood, and often one of those chores was to rake the yard. When people rake their yards, they want them to look pristine, which usually means raking up every leaf.

However, you should leave some leaf litter instead of leaving your yard bare. Yes, it’s still helpful to rake your yard now and then so that you don’t have heavy piles taking up your yard, but leaving tiny amounts of leaves behind helps pollinators thrive. These spare leaves can lead to healthier gardens and improve your backyard landscape.

Trim Your Trees

Some people spend a lot of time keeping up the appearance of their yard, but they fail to give their trees the attention they deserve. One of the best things you can do for your yard is regularly investing in professional tree trimming. This extra care will help keep your trees healthy and allow more light to pass onto your yard, benefiting the plants that need the extra UV rays.

Install a Proper Drainage System

Another easy thing you can do to help keep your yard healthy is to ensure it is draining correctly. Many plants require dry or moist soil to survive, but none thrive when drowning in muddy soil. Unfortunately, many homes lack proper drainage systems, so everything goes underwater when heavy rain occurs. You can create good drainage by loosening up your soil with other materials like mulch or installing drainage tiles.

Be Careful When Cutting Your Grass

One of the easiest ways to hurt your grass is to mow it inefficiently. The grass is not the same year-round, so why do we trim the grass the same way every time? If you are in a warmer climate, you should be cutting your grass so that it is a little taller than you normally would keep it. Meanwhile, you can lower the blade on your mower and cut closer to the ground in the winter. You should also make sure your blade is sharp, as a sharp edge allows you to cleanly cut your grass instead of leaving it rugged and in need of more water and nutrients.

These were a few easy tips for maintaining a healthy yard this year, but the main point you need to remember is that your yard needs care like anything else in your home. Keep a vigilant eye on your yard, and if something looks unhealthy or out of place, investigate it! Staying proactive is the best way to maintain your yard’s health and appearance.

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