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Designing Baby’s Room for Longevity

Modern baby room

When you’re planning for a baby, one of the most exciting things you’ll get to do is put together their nursery/bedroom. It’s tempting to think about the things you’ll need in your baby’s room immediately, like a changing table, rocking chair, and supplies like diapers and wipes.

On the other hand, you might be more focused on how to decorate your baby’s room with cute designs, characters, or colors.

But, as any parent will tell you, children grow in the blink of an eye. The last thing you’ll want to worry about as you chase a toddler around in a few years is upgrading their room to fit their needs. It’s better to design your baby’s room for longevity now, so you both can enjoy it for years to come.

Let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to have a forward-thinking mindset in terms of your child’s room.

Choose the Right Layout

Scandi style baby room
Scandi style baby room

Your baby might not care about the layout of their bedroom when they’re newborns. But, as they get older the layout, design, and even color choices can actually make a difference in both playtime and sleep time.

You’ll want to choose an overall design that will work with your child for years. Their bedroom should be a place where they can feel comfortable and relaxed, creating a conducive environment for sleeping. With that in mind, consider things like:

  • The right type of bed
  • How different types of lighting might affect your child
  • Wallpaper or murals with busy designs that could distract them

It’s also important to think about the paint color. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a bright, vibrant paint color just because it looks “cute” for a baby. As your child gets older, you will undoubtedly have to paint over it with something more subtle.

The color of your child’s room as they age can also affect how they feel (and how they sleep). The best color to promote a restful environment is blue, or different shades of it. But, silvers and grays, purples, and neutrals are also great options.

Speaking of paint options, if your child’s room will double as a playroom, stain-resistant paint is your friend and will make your life much easier when it comes to cleaning up. Somehow, toddler fingerprints can end up just about everywhere, especially on walls. Stain-resistant paint will make it easy to wipe down the walls whenever you see a smudge.

Keep Things Organized

Classic interior of baby room with chest of drawers and teddy bear
Classic interior of baby room with chest of drawers and teddy bear

Organization is every parent’s best friend. Unfortunately, even if you have the best of intentions before your baby is born, it’s very easy for things to get cluttered and put in the wrong places when you’re taking care of a child. So, make a plan for organization. Use items in the room that actually serve a functional purpose. If you’re not sure how to stay organized every day, consider these tips:

  • Tidy up small things each day
  • Use furniture with storage options
  • Use tall bookshelves that babies/toddlers can’t reach
  • Utilize every inch of the closet
  • Keep everything in containers

Staying organized will help to reduce stress, which is incredibly important as a new parent. Stress can cause fatigue, headaches, and aches and pains. Taking care of yourself makes it easier to take care of your baby.

Keeping things organized in their room will also make it easier to update things as they get older.

A Room that Grows

Stylish baby room
Stylish baby room

While designing a cute nursery is tempting, you’ll be happier as your child gets older to have a more functional room for them. Once they are old enough, they can even help you with the design and decoration process. But, while everything is still in your control, make sure you design your baby’s room in a way that will make life easier for you and more enjoyable for them as they grow.

Hopefully, these quick tips give you a clear start on how you can design your baby’s room for longevity. Keep them in mind now, so you don’t have to make major changes later.

This post was authored by Sam Bowman


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