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Design Hotel: Relais Le Chevalier

A Historic Hotel in Riga, Latvia Restyles its 18th-Century Origins 

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

Italian interior designer  Elisabetta de Strobel marries French elegance and contemporary trends to reimagine the interior styling of Relais Le Chevalier, a hotel in Riga, Latvia.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

Each floor pulsates with vibrant hues starting with the ground floor decorated in blue with pale gold tints, the signature colors of the hotel. A striking combination of beige and black blanket the second floor; the third floor radiates fuchsia and orange; the fourth floor is an intense blue and the top floor glows with yellow and green.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

Originally built as a palace in the mid 18th century, Relais Le Chevalier hosts 23 rooms in the old town of Riga in an area, known as “Paris along the Baltic.” The interior design work preserves the building’s architectural integrity while updating the ambiance with a contemporary edge.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

Materials such as glass and metal amplify the daylighting and open up the common areas.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

The hotel is furnished with luxury brands including Bizzotto, Bertelè and Brunello 1974 including pieces designed by Elisabetta de Strobel.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

“The project I devised and carried out for Relais Le Chevalier seeks to express a perfect blend of the age-old charm of Riga and the concept of hospitality in a cutting-edge designer setting, able to engage visitors with the continual references to history evident throughout the hotel and to impress them with visually striking details,” says Art Director and Interior Designer Elisabetta de Strobel. Since 2010 she has been an honorary member of the Italian Association of Interior Designers (AIPi) and in 2015 was named as the Italian delegate of the AIPi on the executive board of the European Council of Interior Architects, E.C.I.A.

Design Hotel Relais le Chevalier in Riga, Latvia

On the top floor, the Breakfast Area looks out over the rooftops of the city. For design travelers seeking authentic accommodations that connect with the city’s cultural and creative soul,  Relais Le Chevalier is an ideal choice.



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