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How to Design a Functional & Stylish Dining Room

Whether you spend your time cooking up your favorite meals or enjoy hosting your friends and family, a functional and stylish dining room is key to sprucing up the space. A survey found that Americans aged 15 or older spent 67 minutes in primary eating and drinking on an average day. Other frequently reported primary activities while eating or drinking were preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards, most of which are likely to be done in the kitchen and dining area.

Since the dining area plays a critical role in many households, it’s important to create a comfortable space for all family members and guests. Implementing the right strategies can allow you to pull off a double-duty dining room without a hefty renovation bill. Consider the following tips to design a space that offers comfort without sacrificing style before you host your next get-together.

Modern dining room interior design.
Modern dining room interior design.

Use Storage as Décor

Open shelves are the best way to make the most of a room, especially with limited space. Incorporate a large shelf or multiple small shelves throughout the kitchen and look for unique plates and other kitchenware to use for décor. This will allow you to store your items safely while making the space pop.

Another great way to use storage as décor is by adding hooks to walls and displaying your cookware and utensils. Not only does this add a unique look to the space, but it also saves you from the need to add numerous shelves to your dining room, which can make the look cramped. It also offers easy access to essential items when you need them.

Be Strategic with the Layout

Being strategic with your dining room’s layout can allow you to squeeze in more space or get the most out of the space. Determine the placement of your dining table and other equipment based on the room size. For example, if the space is small, consider setting up your dining table in the middle of the room to use space around it for other furniture and storage. Switch things around and move your dining table to a side to create more walking space. The room’s layout depends on the room’s shape, size, and number of items in the space.

Rustic dining room
Rustic dining room

Choose Multi-Functional Dining Sets

Multi-functional furniture reduces clutter in a room by reducing the number of furniture pieces in a space. Using space saving dining sets in your space will allow you to decorate the room based on your unique needs. If you have a small family, you can adjust the table panels to shrink the table and set it up for a cozy mealtime. When you need to accommodate a larger group, customize the table and adjust the panels to transform the table into a larger size.

A key benefit of multi-functional dining sets is that it allows you to make the most of your space without compromising style. Shop with a reputable brand that offers a range of colors to pick one that best suits your room’s design.

Although people typically spend time in the dining room when they need to cook or eat, these activities are significant components of one’s daily life that require a comfortable space. Incorporate the tips above into your dining room design process to create a space you adore.

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