Most Creative Parking Structures Across the United States

by Karen LeBlanc
Most Creative Parking Structures Across the United States

Across America, there are countless architectural sights to see. From the Empire State Building in New York to Cloud Gate in Chicago, it is incredible to see the feats of human engineering. However, one facet of architecture that often gets overlooked is one of the most useful: parking garages. In an era booming with incredible advances in parking garage technology, it’s a good idea to look at some of the most creative parking structures across the United States.

The Sinking Ship in Seattle, Washington

If you are a fan of unique perspectives, Seattle’s Sinking Ship is for you. Nestled at the bottom of a steep hill on James Street, the Sinking Ship uses acute angles to give passersby the impression of the bough of a ship jutting up from the water. And like most tales of sinking ships, stories exist of ghosts haunting the walls of this structure.

1111 Lincoln Road in Miami, Florida

Apart from its positively delightful address, this unique structure stands out for its form and function. No walls are blocking off the levels, so parking your car here provides views of the Miami skyline or the Atlantic Ocean. The entire structure has differing heights of its ceilings between floors, and the architecture may remind you of something straight out of The Jetsons.

Michigan Theatre in Detroit, Michigan

The city of Detroit has some marvelous architecture. Sadly, when a business doesn’t last, a bit of repurposing is in order. The Michigan Theatre is a gorgeous building comprised of arched walls and intricate patterns. Knowing this parking structure was once home to operas and symphonies gives patrons an indescribable feeling. You might feel sad as you park your Honda Civic inside its illustrious halls but be glad it still stands as a piece of history.

City View Garage in Miami, Florida

We head back to Florida for another of the most creative parking structures across the United States. The City View Garage creates a fantastic cross-breeze through its unique visual design. Lining the outside walls is a large metal screen adorned with open diamond patterns that prevent the structure from getting too stuffy on a hot summer day. From the inside or outside, the City View Garage is a sight to behold, especially when those patterns light up at night.

Greenway Self Park in Chicago, Illinois

Look no further than the Greenway Self Park if you are looking for a parking structure that actively helps the environment. Onlookers will quickly note the structure’s bright yellow panels and unique-looking wind turbines. The Greenway Self Park takes advantage of Chicago’s moniker “The Windy City” to harvest gusts of wind and create power for the local energy grid. The garage also collects rainwater and features plugins for electric vehicles.

Traveling and seeing new things is always an exciting venture. America is a land full of amazing sights and nods to our cultural history, and it is good to know that you can start experiencing such beauty and significance from the moment you park your car.

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