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Creative Coffee Station Setups for Your Kitchen


If there’s not much room in your kitchen for a designated coffee station, you probably frequent the local coffee shop to grab your daily cup of joe. However, spending $5 on lattes every morning can quickly add up. In fact, with all the money you’ve spent on fancy frappes and double espressos, you probably could have built your own coffee station by now.

Luckily, you can still brew your own beans in a corner at home. All you need is a little determination and creativity to turn that hipster dream into a reality. Already short on counter space? These creative coffee station setups might offer a solution.

coffee in a Drip coffee,mug on the desk in autumn on the desk at home
coffee in a Drip coffee,mug on the desk in autumn on the desk at home

1. Bar Cart Brews

Maybe your bar cart hasn’t seen much use since the pandemic — or maybe it’s seen a little too much use. Either way, your minibar could probably use a makeover. Put those dusty glass bottles back in the cupboard and transform your bar cart into a brew cart.

Place the coffee maker and your favorite mug on top and store creamers, extra cups, beans, grinders, filters and other supplies on the lower levels. Keep the cart on casters so you can roll it out of the way when you need more kitchen space.

2. Bookcase Beans

Cube bookcases have been trending for a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that people began using them as coffee stations. Once you see this setup in action, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

Like the brew cart, you choose what sits on top and what goes in the cubbies underneath. Add plants, pictures and other decor to add some interest and a few pops of color. Keep the repurposed bookcase along a wall in your kitchen to conserve space and make your setup more convenient on busy mornings.

3. Shelved Setups


Some kitchens are simply too small for a freestanding coffee station. In this case, you might use shelves to create the perfect setup and maximize space.

Install floating shelves above your counters or on one wall of the kitchen to allow easy access to beans, stir sticks, flavored syrups, sugar, cream and more. Place a rail underneath the lowest shelf and use hooks to hang and display your favorite mugs. It can also serve as a drying rack for dishes and towels if you only have a few cups.

4. Built-In Beauty

Got built-ins in your kitchen? If so, you’re probably using them to store pantry items like flour, sugar and spaghetti noodles. However, this space also has the potential to become an eye-catching coffee station for those who think creatively.

Move containers to the pantry or hide them away in kitchen cabinets. Then, fill the empty shelves with your mugs, Chemex coffee maker, specialty beans and the like. Then, if there’s room, you can add other aesthetically pleasing pieces to the display.

5. A Quick Fix

Some kitchens come equipped with a pull-out breadboard disguised as a drawer. While its original purpose is to create more space for kneading and cutting bread, it can also serve as a temporary coffee station. This option offers the perfect solution for those with little to no counter space.

Keep your mugs and coffee supplies in the cupboards above and, whenever you’re ready for a steaming cup of joe, simply slide out the board and get to brewing, pouring and sipping. Yep, it’s that easy.

Cup full of coffee beans and coffee maker on marble background
Cup full of coffee beans and coffee maker on marble background

Let the Creativity — and Caffeine — Flow

Creating the perfect home coffee station is all about learning to work with what you already have. Thus, the options above might not be ideal solutions to your coffee woes. Instead, you’ll have to rely on caffeinated creativity to design a setup that suits your kitchen best. Sure, your configuration might end up looking a tad unconventional but, as long as it’s functional, then it’s the right choice for you.



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