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Creative Additions That Will Improve Your Kitchen

Kitchen island in a large family kitchen

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of a home, and because of this it is not surprising that many people spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right design and materials. If you are looking to add unique and creative touches to your kitchen, you will be glad to know there is plenty to choose from. There are many items and features, which will add both functionality and aesthetic value to your home. Today we will focus on seven innovative kitchen upgrades that can brighten up this room and boost the organization and convenience of your design.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Renovated kitchen interior with glass cabinets
Renovated kitchen interior with glass cabinets

Glass cabinets can add style and character to any kitchen design, as they are used to divide a large room and showcase your most valued items. This can be a great choice if you are looking to create an illusion of depth and make your kitchen look bigger. You can also curate items, such as crockery and crystals by placing the most attractive ones at the front. What is more, you can take out the stress of frequent dusting and cleaning, as glass cabinets will create an airy atmosphere. It will also make everything easier to access when you have guests over.

Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels can be a great addition to any kitchen due to their versatility and durability. You can explore a variety of flour sack towels offered by Mary’s Kitchen Towels, which can also be customized. Being extremely absorbent, you can use them for an assortment of family tasks and chores, such as drying dishes, removing stains, covering loaves of bread, or keeping your salads fresh. They can even be utilized for embroidery and screen printing purposes. This must-have feature will complement your kitchen by adding a touch of personality and style, which will capture the attention of your guests.

Utensil Rack

Cleanliness is important in the professional kitchen
Cleanliness is important in the professional kitchen

Another affordable idea is to install a utensil rack along a wall or under one of your cabinets. To make sure that often-used tools and cooking utensils are within easy reach, you can place it near the cooktop. This creative idea can be customized in any way you like to increase your storage options. By organizing your utensils, you will make cooking much more efficient and faster. Moreover, this can also improve the overall appearance of your kitchen, as you will have a neat and orderly space. If your kitchen is cluttered and you have utensils spread around, you will be unable to create a peaceful ambience.

Home Coffee Station

There is nothing that will offer a brighter start to your mornings than adding a small and personalized coffee bar. This can include an espresso machine, a space for mugs and saucers, as well as a drip coffee maker. You can also make use of nearby drawers to store your sugar, coffee grounds, and stirring spoons. If you place it away from the main cooking area, you will be able to establish a dedicated and practical space. These helpful suggestions will ensure you have all the necessary tools to recreate your favorite coffee shop at home.

Warming Drawers

When you are taking care of a busy household, it is essential to add lots of functionality to your cooking space. You will want to make sure that everyone can have fresh meals regardless of their schedule. Warming drawers are a handy feature, which will keep your dishes warm until your family is ready to eat. This feature is especially helpful if you need to serve food to a large number of guests. Warming drawers will ensure the perfect temperature allowing you to serve hot food on warm plates. In addition, you will be able to keep the taste just as good as it was when it left the oven.


Finally, you should not underestimate the importance of beautiful artwork as an effective decorating tool to bring in color and set the mood. For new homeowners, it is the perfect option to explore a color palette and use their creativity to express their personal style. Hanging artwork will depend on the size of your kitchen, but it will be best to choose a spot where your paintings will be protected. Remember that great artwork doesn’t have to be on walls. You can also prop up some of your favorite designs on shelves or on a counter.

Kitchen Lighting

Beautiful kitchen remodel
Beautiful kitchen remodel

Adding multiple layers of light will make a big difference to how your kitchen feels. There are many impressive lighting ideas, which will help you make a statement and improve your existing design. More importantly, brightening your kitchen does not need to cost a fortune, as there are plenty of budget-friendly options to explore. It is recommended to mix and match different fixtures, while also remaining coherent. Experiment with various shades and shapes but remember that it is best to stick to a theme so that everything fits together visually. Also, setting lighting close to natural surfaces will have a transformative effect on enhancing texture and bringing materials to life.


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