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Creating Everyday Magic With Whimsical Home Design

Living room interior design

If you keep up with home design trends, you’re probably familiar with things like mid-century modern decor, rustic makeovers, and futuristic design ideas. But, some are opting for more whimsical design trends when it comes to creating a “vibe” for the home.

Home decor
Home decor

The great thing about whimsical home design is that it allows you to draw inspiration from a variety of influences. Whether you want to include some vintage colors and decor or make things seem really magical with a few “fairytale” touches, there’s really no wrong way to add fun and whimsy to your home.

If you’re interested in creating everyday magic in your living space, we’ve got some clever and creative ideas for you that can help to tie everything together.

Having Fun But Find Connections

Interior design of small elegant apartment, home staging
Interior design of small elegant apartment, home staging

Creating a whimsical home is all about having fun with your design and decor. You should be focused on the final result rather than the purpose behind your design. When you don’t overthink things too much, you’ll be able to let your imagination run free and come with ideas that might not fit the traditional design mold but showcase your personality.

What does whimsical design look like? It’s light-hearted, inviting, interesting, and even a little over the top.

However, creating a whimsical design within your home doesn’t mean everything needs to look chaotic. There’s a fine line between creative and catastrophic. While you don’t necessarily need a plan in place to put things together, once you start coming up with ideas, make sure they connect in ways that make sense. For instance:

  • Use different shades of the same color
  • Use complementing colors with different textures
  • Play with different light hues and tones
  • Pick one highlight of each room and have the rest of the decor blend in with it

By designing things in a way that is fun but cohesive, you’ll add a lot of natural charm and warmth to your home. That’s especially true if you use vintage pieces or upcycled art and furniture.

Writing Your Own Fairytale

Creative interior design
Creative interior design

When many people think about whimsy, things like fables and fairytales come to mind. How fun would it be to create your own little world where the settings of those famed stories feel more like reality?

One of the best ways to accomplish that is to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Think of some of your favorite fairytales – the idea of a magical forest is a backdrop for many of them. While you don’t need to have enchanted trees growing in your living room, plants are a great way to make things both colorful and “magical.”

Many traditional houseplants come with a variety of benefits, including:

  • They can improve air quality
  • They reduce stress
  • Working with plants can be therapeutic
  • They can boost productivity

Having real plants mixed with dried flowers and leaves is a fantastic way to create that “enchanted woods” feel. Consider learning how to preserve and press flowers, whether you want to dry individual petals or hang beautiful bouquets as part of your decor, it’s a good option for adding pops of color with a vintage vibe.

Finally, make sure your fairytale design has the right kind of lighting. Natural light is the best way to showcase different hues and whimsical features, so don’t be afraid to utilize your windows rather than cover them up. To add even more interest, consider using stained glass, or etch your windows with interesting patterns and designs. The right kind of etching can make you feel like you’re living in a castle.

Whimsical home design isn’t necessarily about following trends or giving into modern ideas. It’s about letting your imagination shine and creating a place where people feel happy and comfortable. Use these ideas to get started, and let your personality come through every step of the way.


This blog post was authored by Sam Bowman


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