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Create a Zen Room for Your Personality Type

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Do you need an escape? Maybe a home away from home…but in the comfort of your own home? It’s time for you to create a zen room. But what kind of personality do you have? Not all zen rooms look the same.

For example, if you enjoy peaceful meditation and low-impact exercises, a meditation room may be the best option for you. Are you a bookworm? Why not create an at-home library to get yourself in the zone?

Reading Room


American Dream Realty And Management says an at-home oasis is just the thing your property needs in 2022. We’ve seen how she sheds have only increased in popularity, so it’s no surprise that indoor getaways are on the rise when it comes to interior design, too. 

What Is a Zen Room?

A zen room is a dedicated space where you can escape the outside (or inside) world to find balance among the chaos. You can typically utilize a zen room for your daily self care routine. A zen room typically includes five interior design essentials:

  • Cooler tones like neutrals, greens, and blues.
  • Plants that can liven up the space with natural elements.
  • Negative space to give you room to breathe.
  • Minimalism to keep your room and mind free of clutter. 
  • Relaxing scents like lavender and bergamot to put your body at ease.

Types of Zen rooms

Now that you have the basics of a zen room, it’s time to customize your space. Like we said above, a zen room relies heavily on the kind of person you are. Keep reading to check out our zen room ideas.

Music Room

A music room is a perfect zen room for creatives who want to flex their brain muscles as they relax. Playing or listening to music isn’t only relaxing, it can also be calming, help you manage stress, and ease your anxiety. Bring your instrument into your zen room to relax in your own space regardless of experience — and play music without judgment. 

Weight Room

If you are an active person and can’t get enough of working out, creating a mini home gym to focus on weightlifting and stamina could be the perfect solution for you. Be sure to pad your floor with gym mats so you don’t accidentally damage your original flooring. Also, you should choose a room with enough natural light and ventilation.

Meditation Room

Meditation Room


This was probably the first thought in your mind when you saw the phrase “zen room.” A meditation room relies on minimalism and streamlined furniture to free a space of unnecessary clutter, which can also make the room look bigger. Use a natural color palette to keep your mind at ease. Plants and an oil diffuser are also good options for a meditation room.

Green Room



If you’re looking for a sweet escape within the comfort of your own home, you should look into incorporating a zen room into your space. Whether you’re converting an office or have a dedicated space in your second property, zen rooms come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of needs.


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