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Expert’s Advice: How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Big and comfortable living room with bright sofa

Lamenting about the lack of space in one’s room is pretty standard amongst homeowners – well, even we have done it before. However, trust us, if you are capable enough, you can, indeed, make your small room look much more prominent than usual. Besides, as it’s only a tiny space, it will be much easier for you to keep it well-organized and clean.

So, what do you think?

Do you want to make your room look larger than it actually is? If so, then make sure to read our article till the end and find the answer all by yourself.

Empty minimalist large room
Empty minimalist large room

A Guide To Making Your Room Look Bigger

Well, before we start talking about it, let’s consider one thing first – why do you think your room looks small? Is it because of the lack of proper space? Or, do you consider the issue of having less amount of light to be the main culprit?

Well, if you’re buying real estate and considering making changes to it, you may have to consider both of the aforementioned issues.

But, don’t fret.

In this section, we’re going to address all of your concerns in this regard and offer whatever’s the best for you. Hopefully, it will all work out the right way for you.

Anyway, let’s get started now!

Tip – 1: Get Rid Of The Clutter

Do you have too much stuff in your room?

Well, then you should start working your way through cleaning the clutter first. Make sure to put the toys off of your table or keep away that box from your behind door. It will clear the whole view and make everything look a lot better.

Once you get rid of the clutter, it will also make the space look much more open and orderly. If you don’t have bedding there, your room will definitely appear much more prominent.

Tip – 2: Open The Walkway 

If a piece of accessory or furniture is blocking the walkway, it will make your room appear a little more cramped than usual. 

Hence, if you want to open up the whole space, we’ll ask you to clear the same properly. Besides, you may also opt for shorter furnishing to make your house look more organized. 

Also, keep the furniture alongside the wall to ensure that there’s enough open space in your house. If you can see your floor correctly, the room will naturally look larger. 

Tip – 3: Choose A Lighter Hue 

Yes, it’s true – having a warm or darker color in your room can make the space feel pretty intimate and cozy. However, if you add a lighter hue in the same, it will make the room feel much more airy and open. 

Well, choosing a whiter tone would definitely be ideal for you. However, if you want to create a mishmash between minimalism and contemporary styling, please opt for a mixture of blue and green tones. 

Tip – 4: Coordinate The Color of Furniture And Wall 

Including a contrasting color scheme in your room can break up the toning of a space. It, in turn, makes it appear even smaller than it already looks. 

On the other hand, pieces of furniture, which are similar in color to the wall, will look much less jarring. It, in turn, will help them blend with the space and offer an illusion of having more space in the room.

When it comes to the color scheme, choosing something lighter, such as yellow or white, can be excellent for you. Having a darker hue might make the room even more clutter-full. 

Tip – 5: Include More Reflective Surfaces 


Does your room look dark even after opening all of its windows properly? Well, in that case, using an oversized mirror would be ideal for you. 

If you want to make your room look bigger, make sure to put the mirror near your wall. It will help reflect the light throughout your space, resulting in a much more open feeling. 

You may try keeping a beveled plate mirror beside a coffee table to make it look a little more artistic and eloquent. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

In the previous section, we have provided you with some tips to improve the sense of space in your room. Now, here, we will answer some of the general questions that may come to your mind while reading this article. 

Let’s get started! 

Q. Which Colors Can Make Your Room Appear Bigger?

As mentioned before, choosing a lighter hue can make your room look bigger. Here are a few options that you may choose from – 

  • Light gray, 
  • Dusty blue, 
  • Off-white, 
  • Sage green, etc. 

Q. Which Furniture Style Can Make Your Room Look Larger?

Honestly, the less furniture you have in your house, the better it will be for its overall spacing. 

Due to this reason, we will ask you to maximize the space by adding a piece of multifunctional furniture in the same. It can also help you improve storage space and help you keep as many items as possible. 

Q. Do Built-Ins Make Your Room Bigger?

Yes, of course. Built-ins can help you maximize the overall spacing of your room. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to increase your storage space while wasting a small amount of space in your room. 

Q. Does Gray Make A Room Look Bigger? 

Gray can, indeed, make your room look much bigger than usual. However, if you want to maximize the space, we will ask you to opt for cool gray. It offers a fresh and bright hue to your room. Also, it does not provide the same starkness of white. Due to this reason, your room will look a lot spacier than you were hoping for. 

Final Thoughts 

Making your room look bigger than usual can be pretty challenging, especially if you’re not an interior designer. However, if you want, you can consider our guide as an ideal starting point for you. Once you’ve reached a point, you may try doing something on your own, like creating an aura of landscaping lighting. We’re sure that it will work out perfectly for you!

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