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How To Create a Patio You Love To Relax On

How To Create a Patio You Love To Relax On

A backyard patio can do wonders for a home. Having a cozy space where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight is terrific for your mental health. Here’s how to create a patio you love to relax on.

Water Feature

Installing a water feature is a wonderful way to add life and movement to your patio or garden. The sound of trickling water also adds a soothing element to your backyard space. Small options include a bird bath or fountain, while larger ones include a waterfall or koi pond.

Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit allows you to use your patio well into the fall and winter, as it provides warmth to counteract the chilly nights. Sitting around the fire and talking is also a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends.


Lighting is everything when it comes to ambiance. Choose warm, welcoming bulbs that give your patio a cozy, homey feel. Harsh, white light feels jarring and sterile, especially later in the evening. We also recommend unique lighting features, such as string lights or interesting sconces, which show off your personal style.

Lounge Furniture

Start your furniture selection process by deciding what you’d like your patio to do for you. If you’d like a comfortable place where you can visit with friends or family, an oversized couch or sectional might be an excellent choice. If you value your alone time, consider creating a small, cozy nook for yourself to get some much-needed space. A hammock or egg chair provides a comfortable seat, while screens or greenery offer more privacy. There are many outdoor living must-haves to add to your patio layout, but furniture is one of the most important.

The Right Landscaping

Before planting anything, you’ll need to decide what your desired patio aesthetic is. A floral garden wonderland will look different than a lush backyard in Maui. Once you determine which theme you prefer, be sure to choose only plants native to your area or capable of tolerating your region’s conditions. Dead trees and plants don’t add to your backyard’s ambiance.

Creating a Patio You Love To Relax On

Creating a patio you love to relax on works wonders for your mental health and happiness, and it can affect your property value as well. A patio adds square footage to your house; to some, the space counts as another room. And many buyers look specifically for a lovely outdoor space when considering the property!

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