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How to Choose the Right Necklace and Pendant

A good necklace can make a big difference to your appearance.

It’s crucial to know which necklace and pendant you should choose. The perfect necklace or pendant can add that finishing touch to your outfit. Moreover, these pieces can also reflect your personality and make you stand out on any occasion. These pieces are great for your jewelry collection, and you can also use them to glam up even the most boring outfits.

First, you need to determine the standard necklace lengths for men and women. This will help you choose the correct length for you.

Standard Necklace Length Guide

Women’s Necklace Length Guide

  • 14″- This necklace can be a choker that wraps tightly around most women’s necks.
  • 16″- This necklace is placed right at the base of your neck. This is more of a choker for plus-sized women.
  • 18″- The necklace is worn at the collarbone with this length.
  • 20″- This necklace falls just below the collarbone.
  • 22″ – This necklace and pendant fall above the bust.


Men’s Necklace Length Guide

  • 18″- This is considered a choker. The length of the necklace will vary depending on the neck’s circumference. A longer necklace is better for those who want a more comfortable fit.
  • 20″- This is the most common length for men. It’s ideal to be worn on the collarbone.
  • 22″- This necklace length can rest above the shirt. For a cross, dog tag, or other pendant, this is the ideal length.
  • 24″- This necklace is best worn with an attached pendant and is ideal to rest on the middle of your sternum.
  • 30″- This is the longest-length necklace for men. This necklace is often worn without a pendant


Factors to Consider 

A necklace and pendant can elevate your style and pull any fashion ensemble together. When choosing the right necklace, you should consider your neck size, face shape, height, and body type. You’ll be an expert in choosing the right necklace style once you have mastered the basics. 

That said, consider the following list before choosing one.

  1. Your Neck Size

The neck size is the first thing we will be addressing in our necklace guide. Knowing your neck size is essential if you are passionate about collecting necklaces. Use a soft measuring tape to measure your neck. For chokers, add two inches to your measurement for comfortability.

Standard-length necklaces are best for those with shorter necks. You can add four more inches to this, and you have the perfect length for pendant necklaces. A choker-length necklace will be the best choice for people with longer necks. 

  1. Your Face Shape

Consider your face shape when choosing a necklace that will complete your look. A good necklace can frame your face. It is the focal point of any outfit.  A necklace or pendant that highlights your facial features will make you stand out.

  • Oval Face – People with oval faces have endless options for necklace styles. You can mix and match any necklace to suit your needs.
  • Round Face – People with round faces should avoid chokers and short necklaces. A great alternative is a necklace and pendant that features v-lines and geometrical shaping.
  • Rectangular Shape – Long, chunky necklaces are great for people with rectangular faces. To balance the emphasis on your jawline, you might consider a larger pendant.
  • Heart Face – A shorter necklace is the best choice for people with heart-shaped heads. It will make their narrow jaw appear wider. This will help balance the hairline from the top.


  1. Your Body Type

The necklace you choose will also depend on your body type. You may find that a longer necklace will be more flattering if you have a smaller bust or are petite. On the contrary, a shorter necklace is ideal for someone with a larger body.

Longer necklaces are better for people with broad shoulders. This will draw attention away from your shoulders. Additionally, choker necklaces are best avoided if your neck is shorter. 

  1. Your Height

Your height is another factor you should consider when buying a necklace. For people below 5’4″, you can choose 16″-20″ in length, while longer necklaces will look great on those who are 5’4-7’4″ or taller.

Key Takeaway

A necklace and a pendant can make or break an outfit because it serves as the center of attention for everything you are wearing. For that reason, you should think twice about choosing a suitable necklace that will enhance your body type, complement the size of your neck, accentuate your face, and emphasize your height.

If you want expert guidance and a wide array of options to choose from, visit jewelry stores in Vail, CO, to select the suitable necklace and pendant for your needs and to add to your precious jewelry collection. 

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