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Saltwater Chlorinator: A Must-Have for Every Pool Owner

Saltwater chlorinator in the pool

To keep pool water clear and safe, proper sanitization is essential. And the heart of that process is your salt water chlorinator. These pool chlorinators convert dissolved salt into sanitising chlorine through electrolysis, eliminating manual chemical additions. The automated process provides hands-off convenience for homeowners.

As a pool owner, selecting the right chlorination system tailored for your needs is key to clean, clear pool water with minimal hassle. Whether you seek a new purchase or replacement model, this guide will walk you through the options.

How Saltwater Chlorinators Work

Saltwater chlorinators offer a convenient, automatic way to sanitise pool water. These systems utilise a technology called electrolysis to turn the sodium chloride salt dissolved in the water into a natural disinfectant – hypochlorous acid. Unlike manually adding chlorine tablets or liquid bleach, the chlorinator generates the required amount of chlorine to kill bacteria and algae. The automatic process constantly maintains safe chlorine levels without the hassle of daily monitoring and dosing. Saltwater chlorinators also produce a gentle form of chlorine that enables lower overall concentrations for a smoother swimming experience compared to traditionally chlorinated water. 

Benefits of Saltwater Chlorinators

Here are some of the main advantages of installing a saltwater chlorinator for your inground swimming pool:

More convenient – Saltwater chlorinators greatly simplify pool upkeep. Once initially set up and calibrated, the system runs automatically to keep water sanitised without daily involvement. Pool owners don’t have to constantly check and manually adjust chlorine levels. The chlorinator monitors and generates the needed chlorine on its own. 

Healthier water – The chlorine produced by a saltwater system is in a purer, gentler form than traditional chlorine compounds. Without additives and stabilisers in regular liquid or tablet chlorine, the water is free from harsh chemical residues that can irritate the eyes and skin while swimming. The water just feels smoother, clearer, and more refreshing. 

Cost-effective – In the long run, the cost of buying salt for a chlorinator system is far less than purchasing liquid or tablet chlorine on a regular basis. The salt itself is relatively inexpensive and only needs periodic replenishment. With no recurring expenses for chemicals, a saltwater chlorinator can save thousands per year in chlorine costs, especially for large commercial pools.

Gentler on surfaces – Salt water is less corrosive than traditionally chlorinated water, leading to less damage to pool surfaces and equipment over time.

Choosing the Right Chlorinator 

The best brands of saltwater chlorinators include Pentair, Zodiac, Autochlor, and more. Consider a system sized appropriately for your pool volume, with features like automatic pH control.. Look for options like LED salt level indicators and in-line chlorine production for straightforward maintenance. Many chlorinators can be connected to smart home systems, allowing you to control and monitor your pool from anywhere. Your pool company can help you select the right saltwater chlorinator system for your pool’s specific needs. 

Getting Your Pool Ready

Transforming a regular chlorinated pool into a saltwater sanitiser is a relatively quick and simple process. First, use test strips to determine how much salt is required to reach the ideal concentration, typically around 2500-3500 PPM. Add the right amount of salt, and run the pool pump & filter for a day to fully dissolve and circulate it within the water. Next, install the chlorine generator according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Adjust the initial settings and allow the system to run for 24 hours to effectively sanitise the water. Check chlorine levels and make any output adjustments needed. That’s all it takes to start reaping the rewards of softer, cleaner water in your pool.

Wrapping Up

For pool owners frustrated with maintaining proper chemical levels, dealing with harsh chlorine, and constant monitoring, a saltwater chlorinator automates the work. This reliable system gently sanitises water for carefree swimming all season long. With clearer, healthier water at lower costs, a saltwater chlorinator is an invaluable investment that pays for convenience and peace of mind.

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