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Best Reasons To Get a Manual Garage Door

Best Reasons To Get a Manual Garage Door

Some things are best left simple, and that’s just what you’ll get if you go with a manual garage door for your home. A manual garage door offers several benefits that you wouldn’t get with an automatic garage door. Here are some of the best reasons to get a manual garage door.

Kaleidoscope of Styles

Most people flock to automated garage doors, but these doors are all mostly the same. They miss that classic edge that manual garage doors have, with their windowpanes, hand-carved wood, exterior handles, and other amenities. They may feature plenty of design options, but these still don’t hold a candle to the designs of the classics. This is where manual doors really win.

Manual garage doors have so many design options because they don’t have to be cut into panels that fold up when they’re retracted through a machine. These are solid pieces of art you can be proud of. You can even create a custom door yourself by drawing out the blueprints and sending them to a skilled carpenter, if this is something you’re interested in. By adding your own decorative touch, your home will truly stand out in the neighborhood, setting it apart and making it unique as a showstopper.

Home Security

Of course, there’s the matter of home security. Electronics work well most of the time, but they can be less than reliable on occasion. This is why some people choose to go with manual garage doors instead of electric. The reality is, automatic doors have many systems that can be broken into or manipulated. If someone steals your remote or hacks the door code, they can get the electrical unit to retract. And before you know it, unwanted guests are in your garage and your home.

On the other hand, you can padlock your manual garage door from the inside with no way for anyone else to get in. A certain sense of security comes with knowing you locked it yourself. And, of course, you can also open your door manually without the hassle of having to reset it every time the power goes out as you would with an electric door.

Huge Savings

With all the mechanical automation that goes into the engine that powers the train of an automatic garage door, you already have a cost of several thousand dollars getting the door set up. The cost could also prove to be higher later if you must replace components frequently. Electrical appliances have shortages and issues all the time, so you’re more likely to need repairs on an electric garage door. With a manual door, you have only the door itself to worry about. If you keep the hinges tightened and the door coated with a nice finish, it should last for years without ever needing a repair.

These are some of the best reasons to get a manual door, although I’m sure there are many others that could compete with these. Consider something less complicated that you can enjoy for years at a lower cost.

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