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Best Duvets For Your Bedroom

Contemporary bedroom with botanic duvet

What exactly is a duvet?

In case you are unfamiliar with duvets (used synonymously with comforter in the United States), a duvet is a type of bed linen that resembles a soft sack filled with wool, feathers or any other synthetic material. The whole package is encased by an outer covering which is protective and removable in nature termed duvet cover.

Why buy a duvet?

To extract the maximum comfort from the plush mattress resting on your bed, a duvet is an absolute necessity, besides, it also acts as a thermal insulator, ensuring your comfort as the seasons change. The more lazy viewer would find duvets to be extremely convenient as it eases the “setting up your bed” chore. Also, it is only a single covering rather than a combination of sheets, hence the less untidy appearance of your bed.

Things to consider before buying a duvet?

Always start with the tog that will give an indication regarding how warm the duvet is. For example, a summer duvet is lighter with a tog ranging from 1 to 4. On the other hand, winter duvet has a higher tog, between 10.5 and 15. Do note that with the advent of hybrid materials, not all duvets have a tog rating.

Duvet filling is another important element to focus on before buying a duvet. Duvet fillings include down wool, bamboo, silk, or synthetic fibers. The choice here is mostly based on personal preference. A filling should ideally be lightweight and soft while allowing proper retention of heat. Also make sure you are not allergic to the material used in a duvet, which can open the Pandora box of problems while simultaneously wasting your investment. Always physically inspect the duvet covering. This ensures your satisfaction while also ruling out any medical problems that can arise in the future.

Interested in buying one? Well, you are at the right place. Go through our list below to find the duvet that matches your need along with aesthetics that blend with your room.

Bamboo Rayon Duvet Cover Set

Smooth and cozy all wrapped up in a minimalist package; Snoozy Monk Bamboo Duvet Covers offer an excellent product that is reasonably priced and well equipped to satisfy the most demanding of sleepers.

Panda the Cloud Bamboo Duvet

Another excellent option to consider for the winters. It has a tog rating of 10.5 and has a filling that comprises of both bamboo fiber and Nano Microfiber. This ensures perfect temperature regulation. Comfort is a no-brainer here. Apart from these advantages, it is also quite easy to clean. However, these pros come at a price. Prices start at 230 dollars, and that is not cheap for a duvet.


Crafted from microfiber and with a tog rating of 10.5/13.5, this is another viable option to consider, especially when you are shopping on a budget. The temperature regulation and comfort afforded by this duvet are more than adequate. For the cost-conscious buyer living in colder climates, this is the duvet you should go for.


Looking for a duvet that can be used irrespective of the prevailing season, the Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Duvet should be your choice. As evident from the branding, this duvet is filled with goose down and goose feathers making up for an extremely soft, luxurious duvet that screams quality. The stitching is top-notch and with a tog rating starting at 9 and going all the way up till 13.5, this duvet is here to stay whether it the sun is shining bright or snow is dripping from the sky.

Simba Hybrid Duvet with Stratos

An all-season single duvet that is brimming with tech. Stuffed with Aerelle hypoallergenic fiber and covered with stratos on one side and cotton on the other, this duvet is perfect for the detail-obsessed consumer who is always waiting for a scientific breakthrough. Temperature regulation is again excellent and its comfort is second to none. However, science comes at a price, and this is no cheap duvet. If money is a non-issue, buy this duvet and you’ll be happy for years to come


Some consider duvet an extravagance, but in our opinion, they are essential for your bed. Having well-documented positive influences on your sleep, duvets are just another tool that can improve your sleep hygiene. After all, sleep is healthy and that is what matters the most. Get a duvet now and dress your mattress with comfort and dreamy colors.


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